Compound Indefinite Pronounssome, any, no + one, body, thing, where

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. Haven’t you eaten else today besides a sandwich?
2. A lot of letters arrived but there was for me.
3. I’m not going to apologize because I’ve done wrong.
4. Have you been exciting recently?
5. in the country is as beautiful as this.
6. It has been very quiet in the shop today. I haven’t spoken to all morning.
7. I couldn’t think of else to buy.
8. The doctor says there isn’t radically wrong with my health.
9. The interviewer managed to get the politician to admit his mistake.
10. I’m off to newsagent’s to get a bar of chocolate. Do you want ?
11. I think you’ll find you need to know in this report.
12. These discussions don’t seem to be getting .
13. Going nice? – Somewhere warm.
14. like a hundred hectares was destroyed in the fire.
15. If calls tell them I’ll be back by two.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. We looked everywhere for the keys but we couldn’t find them nowhere.
2. That room was very crowded, there wasn’t nowhere to sit down so we had to stand.
3. “Andrew, there’s anybody I’d like you to meet. This is Fiona.”
4. She refuses to have something to do with her boyfriend now.
) 5. My sister told me she got nothing for me but she didn’t say what it was.
6. She doesn’t like nobody except her small circle of friends.
7. The bus was late. Nobody of them was able to come in time for their interview.
8. My granny says she can hardly see something without glasses.
9. When I read the book I could see it wasn’t nothing like what I had.
10. Put the books everywhere you like and take anything you want.
11. My sister says something will make her eat shell fish under any circumstances.
12. I can’t imagine why no one would want to go on a camping holiday in such weather.
13. This computer is programmed to recognize your password and anybody else’s.
14. I think what upset me more than something was his attitude.
15. I am of the opinion that anything we say will change anything at all.
16. My friend never carries cash with her and pays for all by credit card.
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. I think (ничего) matters to her apart from herself.
2. I asked the boy what was wrong with him, but he refused to say (что-либо) .
3. There wasn’t (никого) at the office, so I decided to leave a message.
4. (Любой) would feel the same as me in this situation.
5. I’m not going to apologize because I’ve done (ничего) wrong.
6. ‘What would you like to eat?’ ‘(Что угодно) would be fine with me. It’s up to you.’
7. It was totally unexpected and (все) was amazed when it happened.
8. She is so famous that she can’t go (никуда) without being recognized.
9. I’m sure there’s (что-то) I’ve forgotten to do today.
10. (Куда бы) I went in that country, people were friendly towards me.
11. Whenever we go to town new shopping centers seem to appear(везде) .
12. Could you tell me the way to the station? – Sorry, I am a stranger here myself. You’d better ask (кого-нибудь) else.
13. The accused man categorically denied that he had been (где-либо) near the scene of the crime.
14. Please, don’t breathe a word of this to (кому-нибудь) else: it’s highly confidential.
15. Most people said they felt (ничего) but contempt for the murderer.