Indefinite Pronouns much, many, a lot
Indefinite Pronouns little, few, a little, a few, most

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. Very people could manage to live on so money.
2. Twenty years ago very people knew about computers.
3. I am afraid I haven’t got cheese left. 4. My friend says she still has experience in marketing business.
5. We had friends for dinner.
6. How time have we got? – Plenty.
7. How is your Granny? Thanks, she is better.
8. Can I have more salad, please?
9.. It’s bit colder today, isn’t it?
10. Do you get chance to travel in your job?
11. How sugar do you take in your tea?
12. He has very friends and he is rather lonely.
13. I think he went out minutes ago.
14. I know pupils at your school, but not many.
15. people complain about the weather here.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. The lady wanted to say that she was just one of their much happy customers.
2. He took me on one of his lots of visits to the Crimea.
3. There’s plenty of chocolate cake in the fridge, so please help to as many as you can.
4. There’ll be a lot of clouds in the morning, but it should brighten up little in the afternoon.
5. Not much of my colleagues knew I was looking for a job.
6. Sally is one of much people to whom I look up to.
7. Would you like little more ice-cream? We’ve got plenty.
8. I’m not that old: I’ve got a good much years left yet.
9. We’ve put in a good much hours to get this work finished.
10. A good lot of my friends feel the same as I do.
11. I don’t think my friend will ever agree to lend me that many money.
12. Very little students are taught how to organize their learning and how to make the best use of their time.
13. Their sales staff were pretty good and there weren’t too much problems to deal with.
14. I didn’t understand many of what she said, to be honest.
15. Many of my leisure time seems to centre around fishing or my other main hobby, water polo.
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. (Немного) knowledge is a dangerous thing.
2. Many questions were asked but (немногие) were answered.
3. Jack and (несколько) of his friends were waiting for us at the café.
4. The new job provided more money but not (много) spare time.
5. (Очень немногие) people have voiced their support for him.
6. He’s had (много) good luck in his life.
7. (Много) my time is spent driving between jobs.
8. The third storm caused the (наибольший) damage.
9. I don’t have very (много) experience of foreign travel anyway.
10. (Большинство) people liked his music but it sounded a bit strange to me.
11. The effects of the anaesthetic wore off after (нескольких) hours.
12. (Мало) kids have put their names down already.
13. I’ve only got (немного) time, so make it quick!
14. With a bit of practice, I picked up (несколько) songs after just a couple of lessons on the guitar.
15. You can tell they’ve put in (много) of hard work when you listen to their latest album.