Indefinite Pronouns another, (the) other, (the) others

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. Could I have helping of the pie?
2. I would never want to hurt human being, to say nothing of my best friend.
3. That watch is gold, are silver.
4. Some people believe there is life on planets.
5. One of my brothers is a teacher and my brother works in a factory.
6. Some of my friends are already here and will arrive soon.
7. Kate and Sylvia call every day.
8. They exchanged addresses with .
9. Some people work during the day, work at night.
10. There are some people who love golf but hate it.
11. They say they want to spend time together even though they see every day.
12. The meeting allowed students from many countries to communicate with .
13. I wanted pound of cheese but there wasn’t any left.
14. She was much older than any of girls.
15. 2 years passed before we finally met each other again.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. Some people like this kind of music but other hate it.
2. It will take me other ten minutes to finish the report.
3. His health is poor and he’s got another problems, too.
4. My friend and her sister are very close: they talk to themselves every day.
5. He opened one eye first and then another.
6. She said it was difficult for her to concentrate because she had the other things on her mind.
7. I don’t think my friends were keen on any of my another suggestions about summer jobs at a campsite.
8. Every time I visit my friends, their child, whose name is Ann, seems to have grown other 10 centimeters.
9. Many friendships break down because one person demands too much from the other.
10. You must have mistaken me for some another person, I am afraid.
11. There were two men arguing with one another in the street. Suddenly one punched another and knocked him to the ground.
12. I’ve never lived in any another place but here.
13. One of the boxers punched another on the chin and knocked him down.
14. Every time I sneezed, everyone said, “Bless you!”
15. I’ve missed my train. Are there another trains coming soon?
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. It will take (еще) 10 miles to get to Bristol.
2. This is the group’s best record. (Другие) they have made aren’t as good.
3. If you don’t like your job, you’d better start looking for (другую) .
4. Would you like to have (еще) helping of the cake? – No, thanks.
5. He rarely listens to (других) people’s opinions.
6. I am sure there is (другой) way to solve this problem.
7. Fiona sent me a birthday card but my (другие) friends didn’t.
8. I was the first person to arrive, (другие) got delayed and arrived late.
9. It’s so cold outside. Why don’t we go to the cinema at (другое) time?
10. Not many people are ready to help (другим) .
11. She said something from (другой) side of the table but I couldn’t hear it.
12. Have you seen my (другую) glove?
13. (Никакая другая) book than this one gives quite so much detail.
14. I’ve got one of the floppy disks. Have you got (другой) ?
15. I don’t like these trousers. Let’s see if they have (другую) more fashionable pair.