Pronouns all, whole

I. Choose the correct variant to complete the sentences.
1. course lasts only for three weeks.
2. I have known him my life.
3. Because of the snowstorm the schools in the city were closed.
4. I am grateful to you for the help you gave me.
5. three criminals were sent to prison.
6. I enjoyed film. I enjoyed every minute of it.
7. I felt thirsty and drank water from the glass.
8. human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
9. The house was going to be empty for a long time, so they covered furniture with dustsheets.
10. She felt a chill over her body as she heard that dreadful news.
11. They say that he invested money in shares and bonds.
12. The travel agency offered a variety of weekend trips.
13. Social workers have to deal with kinds of problems.
14. Nannah didn’t say a single word way back home.
15. Everyone else had gone out and I had the apartment to myself.
II. Find an error in the underlined fragments.
1. All us were tired after we had been doing sightseeing the whole afternoon.
2. What I really like about my job is that I get paid every two weeks instead of waiting all month between pay days.
3. Last year we had a lot of rain in early spring and it made all in the garden grow better.
4. For all week Jane came to class every day with her hair a different colour.
5. Of whole tennis matches this was probably the one that attracted the most attention.
6. I didn’t think you of whole people would become a vegetarian.
7. My friend is usually very cautious about trying foreign food, however the other day she ordered all Indian curry.
8. He said that whole the argument about violence in sport bored him to death.
9. They had visited several apartments and found something wrong with everyone.
10. There are no houses left on that side of the road. They have every been pulled down.
11. Aged twelve and eleven, their daughters were both angels, keen, enthusiastic, communicative nearly whole the time.
12. He didn’t say anything before he read the all letter.
13. Can any of us say in whole honesty that we did everything we could.
14. According to some estimates, 16 per cent of whole new cars sold in Western Europe these days are diesel-engined.
15. I don’t believe she is telling us the all story.
III. Translate the Russian fragments into English.
1. By September (весь) city was under water.
2. She’s drunk (весь) apple juice.
3. Is she going to stay there the (всю) week?
4. I am very tired. (Все) I want is a hot bath and something to eat.
5. The company hired a new manager. He was young but (все) liked him.
6. (Вся) our hard work was of no use.
7. (Мы все) want to live forever.
8. None of the children want to stay inside, because (все) prefers to go outside and play.
9. The (вся) theatre audience stood up for the Queen’s arrival.
10. You have to stand up in court and promise to tell the truth, (всю) truth and nothing but the truth.
11. The (все) thing seems a waste of time to us.
12. You can (все) of you take what you want from the fruit in that box.
13. I have travelled around the (всей) of France.
14. (Все) I can say is I don’t approve of your behavior.
15. The (весь) town came out for the parade.