Test 1

Persuasion in Today’s Changing World

1. Persuasion in our age is influenced by ________________________ .

2. Today new immigrants to America face the same kind of appeals and respond from their own culturally diverse backgrounds.

3. Ethnocentrism is the belief that our own group or culture is ______________ .

4. The Internet is changing the structure of persuasion as no other medium has since television.

5. Doublespeak comes in ________________ .

6. Doublespeak is confined to the world of politics.

7. The early Greek’s effort to systematize persuasion was called ______________ .

8. According to Aristotle, persuasion succeeds or fails based on a source’s:

9. Aristotle thought that persuasion is most effective when based on the common ground between the persuader and the persuaded.

10. Persuasion is the process of co-creating a state of identification between a ________________ that results from the use of verbal and/or visual symbols.

11. It is estimated that the average American sees, reads or hears more than 5,000 persuasive advertising messages a day.

12. A cognitive model that suggests that persuasion takes one of two routes, central and peripheral, is the ______________________________.

13. In the Central Information Processing Route, the receiver consciously and directly focuses on the persuasive communication while mentally elaborating on the issues and seeking more information.

14. According to the ELM, there are times when persuasion requires only a momentary period of concentration on an issue. This type of persuasion occurs in the __________________ .

15. Coercion involves choice while persuasion relies on force to gain compliance.

16. Cultural diversity calls for us to make adjustments in all forms of communication, including persuasion.

17. Which of the following is not criterion for responsible communication?

18. Knowing the persuader’s ___________________puts receivers on guard against their messages, and even just a hint of the real goals of a persuader makes us more likely to make informed choices.

19. After seeing her favorite actor endorse a particular brand of running shoes, Mary insisted that she had to have them. According to the text, this effect is most likely the result of ____________________ .

20. Which of the following are the essential elements of Shannon and Weaver’s SMCR Model of communication?

21. According to Rank’s Model of persuasion, downplaying involves omission, diversion and confusion.

22. The tactic employed by a politician who weaves an intricate argument that evades the real issues is called ___________________________ .

23. The length of television advertising spots has grown to more than two minutes over the time.

24. Because we rarely act in accordance with persuasion unless we participate or interact in the process, all persuasion is, in a sense __________________ .

25. It is estimated that the average adult sees _____advertisements each day.