Test 4

Speech Organization

1. Research shows that a well-organized speech can increase the speaker’s competence and trustworthiness in the minds of listeners.

2. _____________ organization involves putting a speech together in a particular way to achieve a particular result with a particular audience.

3. The __________ is the longest and most important part of the speech.

4. Most speeches should have six to ten main points.

5. The most effective order of main points in a speech depends on your _________ .

6. ___________order is a method of speech organization in which the main points follow a directional pattern.

7. Here are the main points for an informative speech:

8. ________________ order results when you divide the speech topic into subtopics, each of which becomes a main point in the speech.

9. A _________________ is a word or phrase that connects the ideas of a speech and indicates the relationship between them.

10. Words such as as “First”, “Next”, “Finally” are often used as _________ to indicate where a speaker is in the speech or to help focus attention on key issues.

11. If the following statement occurred in the body of a speech, it would be an example of what kind of connective?

12. Which organizational pattern would be most effective for arranging the main points of a speech with the specific purpose “To inform my audience about the four major steps in writing a resume”?

13. Here are the main points for a speech about climate change:

14. Here are the main points for a speech about black holes:

15. Monroe’s motivated sequence is a method of organizing persuasive speeches that seek immediate action. The sequence has five steps that follow the psychology of persuasion.

16. In the persuasive model called the AIDA approach the first step is _______ .

17. You should usually create the introduction after you have finished preparing the body of the speech.

18. If you were given an informative speech on the subject of hermeneutic, you would probably include a _________________ in your introduction.

19. Even when you use other interest arousing techniques in a speech introduction you should always _________ .

20. A_____________ ending is a type of speech conclusion that generates emotional appeal by fading step by step to a dramatic statement.

21. A ____________identifies the main points to be discussed in the body of the speech.

22. The conclusion should normally make up about 20 to 25 percent of your speech.

23. When a speaker uses a ______________ ending, the speech builds in force until it reaches the zenith of power and intensity.

24. In a speech introduction the speaker should __________ .

25. The two main functions of a speech conclusion are : to let the audience know you are ending the speech and to reinforce the audience’s understanding of the central idea.