Countries and Cultures

Recording to Unit 8

1. In each line choose the word with a different sound in the underlined syllable.
2. Transcribe the following words.
issue census medieval remainder
swamp bison spruces fragrant
aurochs sacred amateur restored
flowery resist cobblestone intermediary

3. Enter the number of the stressed syllable/syllables (comma separated) in these words.
subdue - crossroads - background - picturesque -
playwright - remnants - unmistakable - discriminating -
prestige - pilgrimage - justifiably - breathtaking -
illustrating - outlying - residential - commemoration -

4. a) Listen to the first part of an interview with a man speaking about training courses which prepare people for doing business internationally. Complete the list of issues that he mentions.

Issues covered by the training course

Practical issues of and overseas
Dealing with
Schooling, care, international
How to negotiate
Communication: telephone, , the

Presentation skills

The you use
The you use
How to deal with and answers
Managing your

b) Listen to the second part of the interview. Which three personality traits does the speaker consider to be important?

c) Listen to the third part of the interview. Which two cultural aspects does the speaker mention and what does he say about them?

d) Listen once again to the part in which hierarchy is mentioned and fill in the gaps.

Other examples are really attitudes to . For example, there are many US corporations who have very young, business, very successful business . For example, if you send one of those individuals to meet and do business with , again comes to mind, then they will be met with a very negative response, and what indeed will happen is that the senior Asian businessperson will see it very much as , probably either leave the meeting or to attend the meeting and will actually send somebody who they think is and age to negotiate with that individual and because that lower individual, more junior individual doesn’t have the then you’re very to achieve anything out of that meeting.