The Picture of the World

Recording to Unit 7

1. In each line choose the word with a different sound.
2. Transcribe the following words.
bustling enchantment renowned hazard
captivating medieval consequently diversify
weird luxurious however eliminate
nation revival international entirely

3. Enter the number of the stressed syllable/syllables (comma separated) in these words.
similarly - worthwhile - fascinating - fabulous -
apparently - subdue - trendsetter - domineering -
glamorous - spectacular - breathtaking - superb -
marvelous - appreciative - hospitality - downstream -

4. Listen to people talking about embarrassing moments abroad and fill in the gaps.

Speaker 1

After from I was really to have arrived at my family’s house in Colombia. They were extremely friendly even I spoke only , and they me with lemonade and made me feel . After a while, the mother asked me: ‘Estascasado’? I thought she was asking me if I was , so I said: ‘Si, unpoco,’ which means ‘yes, a little’. everyone laughed. Later I that ‘casado’ means and ‘cansado’ means . So she’d asked me if I was and I’d said: ‘Oh, a little’!’ That was of many blunders I made! Actually, , I wish I’d learned of the language before there, but at the time I thought muddle through. Bad idea.

Speaker 2

I’m from but I’ve lived in the US for years. When I first got a car, I needed to buy so I drove to and sat there waiting to be . And I sat there, and I sat there, and no one came , a bit perplexed, I went into the and asked for of gas. The girl took my money, and I to the car and waited again. no one came. So I thought maybe someone it for me while I was in the store. So I . But then I looked at the and the tank was empty. I drove back to the gas station and I realized I had to the car myself. this before because in Colombia the people who work at the gas station do it for you. Well, I felt , as you can imagine.

Speaker 3

This was before I could speak English . I was flying back to Italy and I was at . Now, for some reason or other, I didn’t have my glasses and I’m very so I couldn’t see the information on the screen. So I asked someone : “Which gate for ?” and he said: “It’s too early. There’s no gate.” Now I got a bit because I thought that ‘early’ meant ‘late’, so I began to , thinking I’d missed my flight. So I asked someone else, and again: “You are too early. No gate . You’ll have to wait.” And I was wondering why people were so calm when I’d just my flight. Eventually, a nice Englishman explained, , that the gate number would appear very soon and that I hadn’t missed my flight. He was probably thinking: “Dumb tourist.” So the of the story is: learn the basics. And don’t lose your !