Health and Social Maladies

Recording to Unit 4

1. Choose the word which does not contain sound [ɒ]. Then listen and check.

2. Put the following words in the correct column according to the pronunciation of the underlined letter “u”. Listen and check.
  • abuse
  • ulcer
  • curable
  • pulse
  • scrupulous
  • injury
  • reduce
  • surgery
  • survival
  • ambulance
  • hurt
  • check-up
  • stimulant
  • human
  • influenza
  • stressful
  • bruise
  • concussion
[ʊ] [u:] [ʌ] [ʊə] [ə] [ɜː]

3. Enter the number of the stressed syllable/syllables (comma separated) in these words.
antibiotic - quarantine - cardiogram -
anaesthetic - receptionist - handicapped -
psychiatrist - breathtaking - tranquilliser -
casualty - pediatrician - medicinal -
convalescence - hangover - tonsillitis -
antisocial - teetotaller - chain-smoke -

4. Listen and fill in the missing words. Transcribe these words.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced for the first time that South-East Asia is now free from . The WHO certified 11 countries as being clear of the . The WHO website said: “This is the fourth of six WHO regions to be certified, marking an important step towards of polio – a highly that attacks the and can total paralysis in a matter of hours. With this step, 80 per cent of the world's population now lives in certified polio-free regions.” One of the newly-certified countries is India, which as recently as 2009, was home to almost 50 per cent of the world’s . India hasn't seen a single for the last three years.

Polio is currently an . It leads to paralysis of the and can kill anyone who contracts it. Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, regional director for the WHO, said: “This is a for the millions of health workers who have worked with governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society and international partners to from the region.” She added: “It is a sign of what we can bequeath our children when we work together.” Dr Singh also cautioned against becoming complacent in the . She said: “Until polio is globally , all countries are and the region’s status remains fragile.”

5. Listen to the text. Fill in and transcribe the missing functional words.

A hangover is one of the worst feelings can . There’s nothing you do to make it go away. You just wait it to wear . It usually takes a whole day can even take two days to disappear. The most stupid thing about a hangover is you never learn. A hangover is body’s warning too much alcohol is bad . When something is painful, you never do it again. Not so with a hangover. When people a hangover, often drink again the next day. This makes original hangover much worse. Many people have their own hangover “cure”. None work . All I can do is suffer. I suppose the best thing a hangover is not to drink at all, least not drink too much.