Recording to Unit 14

1. Enter the number of the stressed syllable/syllables (comma separated) in these words.
deficiency - nowadays - communication - area -
metropolis - handset - directory - payphone -
extension - reschedule - preferably - confirm -
pick up - hold on - put through - get back -
2. Transcribe the following words.
cellular mobile engaged
message nil reverse
nоught service wondering
dialing attempt equipment
loudly booth receiver

3. a) Listen to the first call and complete the extract below.

Philippa: I’m calling because I’ll be in London next week and to see you. I want to tell you about our new collection.
Maria: Great. What ? I’m fairly free next week, I think.
Philippa: ? In the afternoon? Could then?
Maria: Let me look now. Let . Oh yes, that’d be no problem at all. two o’clock? Is that OK?
Philippa: Perfect. Thanks very much. It’ll be again. We’ll have plenty to talk about.
Maria: That’s for sure. then.

b) Listen to the second call and complete the extract below.

Receptionist: Good morning, CPT. you?
Philippa: I’d like Maria Bonetti, , please.
Receptionist: Thank you. , please?
Philippa: It’s Philippa Knight, from the Fashion Group.
Receptionist: Thank you. I’m . Hello, I’m afraid at the moment. Will you or can I ?
Philippa: I’ll leave a message, please. The thing is, I should be meeting MsBonetti at 2p.m., . My plane was delayed and I’ve got to my appointments. If possible, I’d like to meet her tomorrow. in the morning. Could she call me back here at the hotel, please?
Receptionist: . What’s the number, please?
Philippa: It’s . I’ll be leaving the hotel soon, so if she can’t call me back , say, , I’ll call her again this morning. ?
Receptionist: Right. that. I’ll make sure she gets the message.
Philippa: Thank you for your help. Goodbye.
Receptionist: Goodbye.

4. Listen to voice mail messages and fill in the gaps.

Message 1

Hello. This is Cheryl. I you about times yesterday, but you weren’t in. Anyway, I those figures you me. OK, speak to you later.

Message 2

Hi, Peter. Anne here. I to talk to you about the meeting tomorrow, but you are obviously not there.The good news is we Phase One . As I , I may be a little late for the meeting. So just and start without me. I’ll you at about 10.