The Theatre

Recording to Unit 10

1. Put the following words in the correct column according to the pronunciation of the underlined letter “a”. Listen and check.
  • pantomime
  • villain
  • performance
  • actress
  • melodrama
  • rehearsal
  • nativity play
  • farce
  • dramatic
  • unfavourable
  • attendant
  • remarkable
  • amateur
  • vaudeville
  • applaud
  • spectacle
  • radiate
  • unsympathetic
[ə] [æ] [ɑ:] [ɔ:] [eɪ]

2. In each line choose the word with a different sound. Listen and check.

3. Enter the number of the stressed syllable/syllables (comma separated) in these words. Then listen and check.
understudy - first night - entertaining -
theatregoer - overacting - unconvincing -
technique - choreographer - tragicomedy -
usherette - heroine - matinee -
stimulating - appreciative - dress-circle -

4. Listen to the text and write down the missing functional words. Transcribe these words.

When I growing up, I always thought the theatre rich people. I guess in way it is. Theatre tickets in London are pretty expensive, especially for a whole family. I got older, I found go theatre quite cheaply. I found dozens of smaller theatres in London very reasonable prices. You also get discount tickets big theatres. Going to the theatre is a wonderful experience. It’s great sitting in your seat with programme. I always wonder what the set will look like. I’m always impressed by the quality acting. Actors brave people. They stand stage in front audience of hundreds, look so calm and confident.

5. Listen to the recording and fill in the missing words in the following extracts.

1) In many parts of the world, and not only in the UK, “going to the theatre” is seen as an activity which only a very few people do.

“Theatre” is not often seen as being that many ordinary people do. Ordinary people watch TV, or go to the cinema, or go out to eat with friends. The theatre is for rich, .

Like a lot of , there is some truth in this. are quite . They cost more than . Theatres which show new plays are usually only in big cities.

2) One company that has made their is the David Glass Ensemble. The work they do, however, is quite different. The David Glass Ensemble run an called “The Lost Child”. “The Lost Child” is not which they travel around the world . “The Lost Child” doesn’t even have . What exactly is “The Lost Child” then?

3) Three or four from the company spend a period of time, usually three or four weeks, starting from games, drawing and singing to and give them . Out of the childrens’ drawings, and from talking to them, the actors some of the children’s problems and ideas, and then they these ideas. Sometimes they have made . Sometimes the plays are and songs. Sometimes the plays tell one story.

4) Children who have taken part in “The Lost Child” almost always end up with a better , and feel about themselves. They can show that they have , no matter what has happened or is happening in their lives. They also have more .