The Cinema

Recording to Unit 11

1. Put the following words in the correct column according to the pronunciation of the underlined letter “o”. Listen and check.
  • ferocious
  • studio
  • romance
  • complimentary
  • movie
  • biopic
  • horror
  • incorrigible
  • enormous
  • photography
  • uncomplicated
  • hero
  • nonviolent
  • documentary
  • orchestral
[ə] [ɒ] [u:] [ɔ:] [əʊ]

2. In each line choose the word with a different sound. Listen and check.

3. Enter the number of the stressed syllable/syllables (comma separated) in these words. Then listen and check your answers.
blockbuster - science fiction - animated -
suspense - unsophisticated - cinematography -
catastrophic - scriptwriter - disappointed -
humdinger - tear-jerking - interval -
intrigue - unrealistic - superb -

4. Listen to the text and write down the missing words. Transcribe these words.

China’s have beaten those in the USA for the first time ever. China’s are now the world's most lucrative. This is the result of flocking to cinemas across China during the nation’s week-long New Year celebrations in February. Sales by Valentine’s Day, which is becoming increasingly popular in China. China’s took in a record $650 million in February, compared to $640 million in the USA. The most popular movie with was a movie called The Man From Macau II, which grossed $105 million. The new Jackie Chan flick, Dragon Blade, took second spot, $95 million.

China’s is growing . As the number of middle-class people is expanding, so too is . A huge population shift from the countryside to is fuelling demand for more . Fifteen new are being added every day. There are now approximately 23,600 screens in China, which is 475 per cent more than there were in 2008. The USA has 40,000 screens. The forecast is that China America in the near future. is thriving. It has experienced year-on-year growth of 27 per cent and 36 per cent in the past two years. Much of this success has been without the help of .

5. Unjumble the underlined words. Then listen to the recording and check.

I love watching movies. At the aienmc - , on TV or on my computer. I'm a big movie fan and love all the news of my favourite movie sarst - . I like all kinds of movies – Hollywood bsulotsblkcter - , bclak - and white movies from the 50s, independent movies... They're all good. Recently I've got into watching ironegf - movies. I like the films that come out of Bollywood – they're very iefdtrenf - . The first film I saw at the movie retahet - was Star Wars. I was madeza - at the special efescft - . Nowadays, so many movies have such good computer srhpgaci - that we forget how special the effects are. One of my favourite ways of relaxing is to rent the atltse - DVD and sit on the sofa with a big bag of potato chips. The sound has to be up to the max and the tsghli - have to be off.