Recording to Unit 16

1. Enter the number of the stressed syllable/syllables (comma separated) in these words.
bottom-line - compensate - compromise - concession -
consensus - counterpart - deadlock - dispute -
high-pitched - recall - non-verbal - milestone -

2. Match each request for advice with a suitable response. Listen and check.
  • I’m not sure I trust our new accountant. To me, all those errors seem deliberate. Any idea how we should address this issue?
  • She’s very worried about frauds with government contracts. Don’t you think we should do something about it?
  • He keeps telling me that his cousin would be the best person for the job. What shall we do?
  • Tim’s already taken five days of sick leave this month. What do you think we should do?
  • The new office manager is putting pressure on Elaine to go out with him. What do you suggest we do?
  • Have you thought of confronting him with the issue? He may have genuine health problems.
  • I suggest you check his personal record first. Find out if he’s ever been accused of harassment.
  • I think we should tell her not to speak to anyone. The issue’s far too serious.
  • If I were you, I’d give her another chance. Honestly, she doesn’t look the type of person who’d make false entries in the accounts.
  • Let’s just tell him it’s not on. There’s no room for corruption in our company.

3. Read the extract and mark the pauses where necessary. Listen and check.

We speak with an instrument we call ‘the voice’ listen to the sounds people make when they speak only the sounds and you will discover something of the person who is playing the instrument I learned that the spaces between words were as important as the words themselves a word could be emphasized and a thought underlined by silence by space whilst the rapid close unbroken delivery of words causes the ideas to become blurred and recede into noise the voice reveals who we are and how we are more than the words we choose and the feelings communicated in the sounds of words are the only truth.

4. Listen to the three presenters speaking in different ways. Decide which presenter sounds

1) fluent and confident; 2) fluent but boring; 3) hesitant.

Match sentences a) – f) to the speakers (1 – 3).

a) There’s a whole market in Eastern Europe just there for taking.

b) Quite frankly, the results we’ve been getting are absolutely incredible.

c) Now, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you just how crucial this is.

d) Net profits are up ninety-seven per cent – yes, ninety-seven per cent.

e) Would you believe that so far we’ve not been able to sell a single unit?

f) Miss this deadline and we’ll lose the biggest client this company’s ever had.