Career Prospects for Language Students

Recording to Unit 2

1. In each line choose the word with a different sound.

2. Enter the number of the stressed syllable/syllables (comma separated) in these words.
revise - cooperative - discipline - chairman -
resignation - self-esteem - realize - prospects -
hair-dresser - religious - self-reliant - wage-earner -
layout - preventable - presume - personnel -
3. Transcribe the following words.
overtime temporary resign flexible unique
multinational permanent retire demotion maternity
prestigious psychologist experience specify recruiting

4. Listen to people talking about their attitude to learning English and fill in the gaps in the given extracts.

Speaker 1

  1. Learning English isn’t my idea fun.
  2. I want to get in my career.
  3. But it’s it.
  4. So I just think it as an in my future.

Speaker 2

  1. Well, I accept that English is the language the .
  2. percent of the world speaks .
  3. , I know a lot of business people who speak no English at all.
  4. , if I’m trying to sell you something, I speak your language.
  5. But if you come to to sell me something, then you should speak .

Speaker 3

  1. Coming from a country like the Netherlands means we’ve always speak foreign languages.
  2. The same people from , , .
  3. We don’t anybody to speak !
  4. , the firm I work recently introduced English as the company language.
  5. , now I speak English all day – other people!

Speaker 4

  1. I don’t know why people who speak languages learning English.
  2. learning it when your language is !
  3. But with English speakers, I feel .
  4. , I find I can speak English o.k., if I’m business other speakers.
  5. when so many of us learn English.