Choosing a Career

Recording to Unit 1

1. Choose the word/words in each line which do not contain [ʌ]. Then check your answers.

2. Put the following words in the correct column according to the pronunciation of the letter “a”. Listen and check.
  • advertisement
  • activity
  • applicant
  • application
  • application
  • atmosphere
  • background
  • capability
  • capability
  • charge
  • career
  • vacancy
  • vacancy
  • varied
  • wages
  • librarian
  • ambitious
  • totally
[ə] [æ] [eɪ] [eə] [ɑ:]

3. Enter the number of the stressed syllable. Then listen and check.
Verb Noun (person) Noun Adjective
compete - competitor - competition - competitive -
innovate - innovator - innovation - innovative -
invent - inventor - invention - inventive -
create - creator - creation - creative -
protect - protector - protection - protective -
employ - employee - employment - unemployed -

4. Listen and fill in the missing words. Transcribe these words.
  1. – I’m not sure I our new . To me, all those errors seem . Any idea how we should this issue?
    – If I were you, I’d give her . Honestly, she doesn’t look the type of person who’d make entries in the .
  2. – She’s very about frauds with government . Don’t you think we should do something about it?
    – I think we should tell her not to speak to anyone. The is .
  3. – He me that his cousin would be the best person . What shall we do?
    – Let’s just tell him it’s not on. There’s no room in our company.
  4. – Tim’s already taken five days this month. What do you think we should do?
    – Have you thought of with the ? He may have .
  5. – The new is on Elaine to go out with him. What do you suggest we do?
    – I suggest you check his first. Find out if he’s ever been harassment.

5. Unjumble the underlined words. Then listen and check.

Choosing a career is one of the biggest eiosdsnic - we make in life. It used to be that we eshoc - only one career. People would trsta - a job when they were 18, 19 or 20 and stay in that same career for life. Their career path was iqteu - straightforward. Nowadays, it is raomnl - for people to change careers, five, six, seven times. New getochlony - and globalization means gitshn - change quickly. We need to study and keep up with all the changes. I’ve had four ifreentfd - careers now. I like vniogm - from one job to another. It means life never gets ingbro - . It’s much better to keep lanriegn - different things in different careers. I have no idea what career I’ll choose next. Perhaps one that doesn’t even ixtsse - today.