Unit 15

Shopping for Clothes

1. Circle the words which do not contain sound [ә]. Then listen and check your answers.

crep de chine

2. Put the following words in the correct column according to the pronunciation of the underlined letter. Listen and check.
  • suitable
  • pullover
  • underwear
  • alluring
  • button
  • costume
  • bathing suit
  • corduroy
  • unfasten
  • make-up
  • tuxedo
  • uniform
  • multi-coloured
  • ruby
  • perfume
[H] [V] [Vә] [ә] [A]

3. Underline the stressed syllable/syllables in these words. Mark all the phonetic phenomena under study. Listen and check.
tur qu o i se (turquoise )
neck la ce (necklace )
wa ter proof (waterproof)
sweat shirt (sweatshirt )
bow tie (bow tie )
pol ka - dot ted (polka-dotted)
o ver co at (overcoat )
well - dress ed (well-dressed)
light we ar (lightwear)
ro und - neck (round-neck )
waist co at (waistcoat )
ac ces so ri es (accessories)
ma de - to - me a su re (made-to-measure )
pin stri ped (pinstriped )
do ub le - bre ast ed (double-breasted)
wrist watch (wristwatch )
flesh - co lo u red (flesh-coloured )
dress ing gown (dressing gown)

4. Unjumble the underlined words. Listen and check.
how thought ever you Have strange fashion is? People tell us what clothes to wear. That’s weird. Fashion stores tell us what is “in” this summer or this winter. People look buy same and then the clothes like everyone else want to feel trendy because they. The thing is, fashion is about being an individual, but then we all wear clothes everyone that the as else’s are same! Keeping up with fashion is expensive these days. Everyone is into brand fashion. Have you fashionable most the much how seen sneakers are? How afford can those kids? The craziest brands the fashion luxury is. People spend a month’s salary, or more, on a handbag or watch. That’s crazy. I’m happy with an at brand unknown price the half. I don’t unfashionable being mind.

Write a paragraph which expresses your attitude to fashion.

5. Listen and fill in the missing words. Transcribe these words.

Shocking Celebrity Shopaholics. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is in a league of her own when it comes to . The former Spice Girl is believed to spend £100,000 a year on , and has turned shopping into her main occupation. “I can’t help it,” she says. “When I see something I like, I buy it and I buy shoes in every colour , as well as . If I could, I’d go shopping every single day. I’m definitely .” After £8.5 million in her first year of married life, Posh announced she was giving up – but it wasn’t long before she into Harvey Nicks. One involved Victoria spending five hours some of the in Los Angeles. She spent an hour in traffic before emerging with her first . Then she crammed two more shopping bags with at hip store Rampage, before moving on to Foot Locker for some . Next she bought a $150 at Canyon Beachware before hitting Diesel and DKNY. The entire haul – which will join her £2,500 Gucci , her £1,600 Gucci and her horde of shoes which have never even left the box in her bulging – was estimated at least £5,000. “Spending like this is ,” says Professor George Gaskill, an expert on . “That’s when you hit the realms of official shopaholic, which is .”