Unit 12


1. Transcribe the following words.

to barbecue to simmer to stew
to garnish to grate to weigh
to sour to sprinkle to stir
to whip to preserve to carve
to drain to beat up to roast
to flavour to coat with to measure

2. Underline the stressed syllable/syllables in these words. Mark the sound phenomena under study and comment on them.

black -tie par ty (black-tie party )
house warm ing par ty (housewarming party )
fare well par ty (farewell party)
drive -thro ugh (drive-through )
re fresh ment room (refreshment room )
take -out (take-out)
can teen (canteen )
re fec tory (refectory )
food pro ces sor (food processor)
chop ping board (chopping board )
cas se role dish (casserole dish )
ser ving fork (serving fork)
sun flo wer (sunflower )
sea son ing salt (seasoning salt )
mix ing bowl (mixing bowl)

3. In each line circle the word with a different sound in the stressed syllable.
caterer waitress takeaway banquet
barbecue buffet bar party
digest smell vegan hen

4. Listen to Anne, Kim, Bill and Steve talking about their eating experiences abroad and answer the questions below.

  1. Which countries do you think they are talking about?
  2. Which diet appeals to you most/least? Why?
  3. How do these foods differ from the food you’re used to eating?
  4. Do you like the way the food is served in Southern India? Why?
  5. Which speaker loves the eating-out culture in Spain? Why?
  6. Have you tried any of the dishes mentioned in the recording?
  7. Have you got a favourite foreign dish?
  8. When you travel, do you make a point of trying the local specialities?
  9. What Belarusian food do you miss most?

5. Listen again and fill in the gaps.

1. You can buy them from on the corner of the street.
2. You choose the you want in your soup and the kind of – long thin white rice or ones.
3. Well, it actually.
4. I like , food, but this .
5. I I built a kind of to it as time went .
6. They wash the and then of rice right in the middle.
7. When you they the banana leaf with any and it out on the street where the eat them.
8. I that side of it too – goes .
9. Well, , I didn’t really like it that much.
10. Everything is either or in pig’s fat.
11. , there were some things I loved – the , for , it’s really .
12. And some of the , the various kinds of .
13. The ? It isn’t particularly , but it’s good.
14. There’s always one that’s so it almost .
15. It’s very sociable – a really .