Unit 16

In All Weathers

1. Transcribe the following words and identify the sound phenomena in them.

air beach changeable
splash lightning pleasure
to twig starling catkins
to drop to bathe to freeze
suitable fragrant preferable
birchtree twittering frosty

2. Underline the stressed syllable in these words and identify the sound phenomena in them.

thun der storm (thunderstorm)
o ver cast (overcast)
sun ba the (sunbathe)
frost bi te (frostbite)
to bog gan ing (tobogganing)
snow fall (snowfall)
o ver whel med (overwhelmed)
down pour (downpour)
out door (outdoor)
or na ment (ornament)
the re fo re (therefore)
to wards (towards)
pri mro se (primrose)
snow drops (snowdrops)
flo wer - ar rang ing (flower-arranging)

3. In each line circle the word with a different sound in a stressed syllable.
bud sunny cover outing
shower flower ground tower
foggy frosty blossom snowy
sharp dark lark damp
cold low pour soak

4. Listen to the first part of a news story about a woman called Barbara Haddrill and answer the questions below.

  1. What did she do? Why?
  2. What was Barbara’s dilemma?
  3. What changes has she made to her lifestyle over the last six years? Why?
  4. How did Barbara travel? Through which countries?
  5. How was she able to take such a long holiday?

Listen to the second part of the recording and complete the chart.

UK to Australia One –Way

CostDistanceTimeCO2 emissio
Barbara £ miles hours days tonnes
Plane £ miles hours days tonnes

5. Listen to both the parts of the recording and fill in the gaps.
1. More and more of us are trying to do our for the .
2. ... because she was worried about , especially about the amount of that she herself was .
3. Fortunately, Barbara works at the and they were happy to give her .
4. Let’s the two .
5. So, yes Barbara’s did produce .