Unit 14

Department Store

1. In each line circle the word with a different sound.

boutique perfumery manufacturer
kiosk ridiculous guarantee
newsagent faulty jewellery
crockery affordable product
drapery haberdashery bracelet

2. Underline the stressed syllable in these words and word combinations. Comment on the sound phenomena under study.
tex ti les (textiles)
dis count (discount)
over char ge (overcharge)
who le sa ler (wholesaler)
ir re pa rab ly (irreparably)
o ver draft (overdraft)
cre dit card (credit card)
la dies’ wear (ladies’ wear)
app li an ces (appliances)
a va il a bi li ty (availability)
com pla int (complaint)
ex pi re da te (expire date)
foot wear (footwear)
re fund (refund)
un der we ar (underwear)
news stand (newsstand)
so uv enir (souvenir)
le a ther goods (leather goods)

3. Transcribe the following words.

lingerie temptation satisfactory
hosiery merchantable stationery
owe clearance worthless
cheque compensation debt
negotiate pharmacy counter

4. Correct the spelling of the underlined words. Listen and check.

Shopping must be one of the world’s most puarlpo hobbies. I hate it. There’s nothing more nbgroi than wandering around shopping small . What a teswa of time. I know a lot of people who like iwdnwo shopping – just walking around shops without ntgwina to buy anything. Crazy! My plan for shopping is ‘quickly in, quickly out’. If I have to go shopping, I go in the morning on a awdekye . This is when the stores are pemyt and you can get what you want quickly, without dastnoush of other hprosesp getting in your way. The worst time to go shopping is on a Saturday afternoon rndgui lsea season. It seems as though all of the world’s arinabg hunters are in the same teros as you. I was happy when ilnneo shopping came along. This is very naligrex .

5. Listen to the text and fill in the gaps. Underline all the sound phenomena under study in them.

Online Shoppers Fooled by Fake Reviews

A group has said that many are full of fake reviews. The group believes there are millions of such reviews on sites for hotels, , stores, etc. that . Millions of people read reviews on sites like Amazon and TripAdvisor before booking holidays or shopping . Writing fake reviews for companies is now . Many companies offer money, . or upgrades in for five-star reviews.
are that in Britain, $36 billion a year of is influenced by . Millions of people look at them before making decisions such as where to stay on holiday. Consumers who use online reviews find them , but many things about them may be . This includes writing about each other. Bosses could go for doing this.

In what way do online reviews influence your decisions about buying things?