Unit 11

Daily Meals

1. Transcribe the following words and mark the sound phenomena under study.

dessert appetiser speciality
sandwich whipped pudding
obliged reasonable satisfactory
nourishment substantial garnish
appetizing delicious pickled
fattening disgusting mouldy

2. Underline the stressed syllable/syllables in these words.

re pu ta tion (reputation)
un sur passed (unsurpassed)
beef steak (beefsteak)
ad eq ua te (adequate)
well - done (well-done)
de li ca cy (delicacy)
sim ply - cook ed (simply-cooked)
part i cu lar ly (particularly)
take aw ay (takeaway)
ho me - ma de (home-made)
low - fat (low-fat)
re com mend (recommend)
ac com pa nied (accompanied)
pe ri sha ble (perishable)
pan ca kes (pancakes)

3. In each line circle the word with a different sound in the stressed syllable.

ripe iced mild pickles
steak stale patty baked
toast roast soda broth

4. Listen to an interview with Kevin Poulter, an English chef, who has just opened a restaurant in Santiago, Chile, and answer the questions below.

  1. Why did he decide to open a restaurant in Chile?
  2. Why did he call it Frederick’s?
  3. Why were Chilean people surprised when he opened it?
  4. What English dishes does he serve in his restaurant? Are they popular?
  5. Where does he recommend tourists eat in England? Why?
  6. How many women work in his kitchen?
  7. Why does he think there are so few women in restaurant kitchens?
  8. What English food does he miss most?

5. Listen again and fill in the gaps.

1. Kevin, why in ?
2. I to have my own restaurant and it very expensive to do that in England.
3. Because my father’s name.
4. Mainly dishes like pasta, steak and fries, risotto, but we also do several dishes as well.
5. I think people don’t expect the English to be .
6. Is your English?
7. What kind of do you have ?
8. I people here in Chile have .
9. The best place for a tourist to eat in England is in a .
10. The most important reason is probably the .
11. Then, there’s .
12. Women don’t like .
13. The thing I living in Chile is .
14. I really miss Stilton – which is a wonderful .
15. It’s not as as some of the .