What is a language-learning diary?

The language-learning diary is a document to help you learn the material more effectively and focus on your objectives, and a learning style that suits your needs. It helps you to think about how you learn; it is a summary of your language learning experience; it is a record to show other people (your teacher) your language abilities and progress, to assess your overall language level.

You are supposed to make a summary of your learning process, including the time when you accomplish the tasks, the record of materials you have used, new words’ register, the record of the materials studied, and a creative task. That will help you to present your language and learning experiences in a clear and comfortable way.

You can follow the scheme:


type of work

materials to use

brief account (description) of the work done

word register

words in context


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“The British Press”.

circulation – [countable, usually singular] the average number of copies of a newspaper or magazine that are usually sold each day, week, month.

e.g. the circulation of the national “dailies.”

feature article -

A special long article in a newspaper or a magazine.

The newspaper has a daily circulation of 55,000.

Did you read a feature on personal computers in the New York Times?

The British are the world’s third biggest newspaper buyers; only the Japanese and the Swiss buy more.

Newspaper publication is dominated by the national press, which is the indication of the comparative weakness of regional identity in Britain.