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3.1. Listening Development

Assignment. Listen to the recording to Unit 3. The current tendencies in workforce markets are described. What are these tendencies?
Listen again and fill in the gaps with the words and phrases used. Give their Russian equivalents.

China Faces Drop in Recruitment

Jobs in multinational companies are in China, especially . For a start the pay is often better than you might get as a or the employee of a state owned enterprise. The jobs at the moment in the larger cities, like Beijing or Shanghai, or in the areas where there are many factories .

Two years ago the multinationals were competing from China's universities but since the financial crisis jobs in multinational firms whose parent companies have overseas, like CitiGroup or Motorola, no longer look so secure.

This year there was of applications for the civil service, more than three quarters of a million people applied for 13,500 places. The surveys of the multinationals reported in the state media suggest that those applicants were wise .

Almost 7 out of 10 of the firms polled made clear they planned to recruit fewer staff in the year ahead. That will make life even harder for this year's graduates. There are fewer jobs available than before and they'll be competing with other unemployed graduates from previous years and with workers who already have experience. The graduate employment market has always been tough in China but this year it is looking like it will be tougher than ever.

British Job Losses

Here at the Mini car plant in Cowley they know all about . Recently over 800 agency workers were from here . They're now part of a growing number of jobless which has for the first time in 12 years.

What is particularly worrying is the way are happening . There is evidence too that the pain and suffering is being felt especially by younger people.

Politicians are for the summer when many school and university leavers will finish full-time education and start looking for jobs. That is one of the reasons why experts are that Britain could over three million unemployed, a situation not seen since the 1980 s.

3.2. Vocabulary Enrichment

Assignment 1. Use appropriate verbs to complete this company profile.

GKS Services in 1989 when Dieter Norland left his job as an engineer in the computer industry. The company high-tech security alarms and its products all over the world. It ISO people at its factory near Rotterdam, although the company's head office is in Amsterdam and a staff of 20.The company a number of new products each year GKS Services products to the security industry and domestic alarms for the general public.

Assignment 2. Complete these sentences with the correct form of the word given in brackets.

  1. The Finance (manage) is in his office.

  2. Our (compete) have brought out a new product and it looks very good.

  3. After a long negotiation, we finally reached (agree).

  4. The Far East suffered from (economy) difficulties in the late 1990s.

  5. The TZ4000 is our best-selling (produce).

  6. The World Bank is an international (organise) that supports development projects around the world.

Assignment 3. Fill in the gaps with the phrasal verbs given in the box.

  • to catch on
  • to pick up
  • to fall through
  • to come up with something
  • to take someone on
  • to fall off
  • to lay someone off
  • to back out (of something)
  • to take something over

Peter.Hello, Bill, how’s the car business doing at the moment?

Bill.Not very well, I’m afraid. Our sales at the moment, and our latest model hasn’t . We’ve also had to a new project to build a family car. What about you?

Peter.Our export figures weren’t very good at the start of the year, but now they are starting to and we need to extra staff. In fact, we are thinking of of another business.

Bill.Lucky you! Our company is thinking of some of its staff until things get better. By the way, what happened about that design problem you were telling me about?

Peter.Fortunately one of our team managed to a brilliant solution to the problem – otherwise the whole project would .

Assignment 4. Make up a sentence with each phrasal verb given in the box above (Assignment 3).

Assignment 5. Fill in prepositions or postpositions where necessary. If you are not sure, look them up in the Preface and Unit 1 of Achievement 1 on pages 1-8.

  1. My boss greatly appreciated the new approaches solving the problem that I suggested in yesterday’s meeting.

  2. This textbook is to be used either class or self study students of the upper intermediate level.

  3. I was also responsible recruitment and supplied our company the best experts marketing and banking I could find.

  4. She waved her arm me to attract my attention what was happening behind her.

  5. I don’t mind working my own but in this case I could do the aid of a more experience colleague.

  6. Time in office should be spent doing business but not chatting your wife all day.

  7. I can’t stand it when my boss talks to me as if explaining something a small child.

  8. What I really like this job is the sense of achievement the clinching an important deal.

  9. You can not spend all your live hoping something to turn .

  10. That’s exactly the job I have always dreamed .

  11. – What does she do a living?
    – I’m not quite sure.

  12. Mr Bright was recommended promotion last month and got appointed the post of deputy board chairman. He gladly took the new responsibilities .

  13. He referred some book in his presentation very often but I didn’t get the author’s name.

  14. The scandal brought his career politics to a sudden end. He gave it and took early retirement 55.

  15. My brother worked a skilled trade for 3 years. But he felt he was not cut it. He quitted his job, was the dole for about a year, was job hunting and finally got a position in a building company he was satisfied . We all hoped he wouldn’t be laid . But alas, times were hard and a lot of companies were cutting back staff and even closing .

  16. He was a bricklayer trade and built a lot of houses the neighbourhood.

  17. Mary entered the teaching profession in 1997. She is maternity leave now but she’s coming back September.

  18. – What line of medicine is he ?
    – I suppose he is psychology.

  19. To be thrown work is very annoying especially if you are young and full energy.

  20. Let’s assign him the job. He is reliable and responsible enough.

  21. The sales assistant deserves advancement position. He can make a good department manager. He can also be responsible recruitment.

  22. Engine drivers were just about to go strike but a rise wages calmed them .

  23. A bank clerk receives and pays money a bank. He may also help clients fill forms and write cheques.

  24. Who is charge of your company?

  25. My son works business. He makes programs for professional accountants and lawyers.

  26. I am afraid that drawing is not my line.

  27. Why not appoint Mark the job. He’ll cope it perfectly well.

  28. Medicine is not just a way of making money. It’s a special call God. Unfortunately you have never had the sense of fitness or particular ability relieving other people’s suffering.

  29. I intended to take a job of a printing press operator when I left school but they didn’t take me . After I was turned by a couple of other companies I was finally employed a post of a night watcher. I can at least get my wages now while looking something better paid.

  30. They dismissed Peggy her work in just a month but it didn’t discourage her.

After you have done this exercis,e check it up. Make sure to include prepositional phrases into the list of Active Vocabulary units. Practice pronunciation, and make sentences of your own to remember them.

Assignment 6. Translate the following phrases from Russian into English. Make sure you use the correct forms, articles and prepositions.

1. I worked really hard all summer чтобы расширить мой словарный запас и увеличить скорость речи. My goal is to добиться отличного владения иностранным языком to make a brilliant career in future.
2. Have you ever рассматривать этот вариант?
3. Заключение важной сделки always brings me a sense of achievement and satisfaction.
4. Does he work for a particular company or is he работает на себя.
5. Why did you подал заявление об уходе? (2 variants)
6. You won't have any дополнительные льготы (2 variants) for the first year after you are приняты на работу (at least 3 variants).
7. I wouldn't fancy working as переводчик-референт. It is a very тяжелая и утомительная работа, требующая больших усилий.
8. Peter is always на больничном. He'd сокращен / уволен (6 variants) first if there were сокращение штатов to be made.

3.3. Reading Improvement

Assignment 1. What products do you think of when you see these brands?

  1. Louis Vuitton
  2. Givenchy
  3. Kenzo
  4. Donna Karan

Assignment 2. Read the first paragraph of the article about LVMH and complete the fact file.

Name: LVMH

Head office:

Number of stores:


Number of brands:


Assignment 3. Answer the following questions.

1. What percentage of LVMH's staff do not work in France?
2. What was the percentage increase in sales at the Louis Vuitton division in the fourth quarter?
3. Which of the following were reasons for the increase in LVMH's sales?

4. How did the launch of the Tambour watch help LVMH?
5. In which markets did LVMH sell a lot of products?

Assignment 4. Mark each statement true or false.

1. LVMH's main product is cosmetics.

2. LVMH doesn't launch many new products.

3. Sales in japan are poor.

4. LVMH's products are well made.

5. The image of its products is important to LVMH.

3.4. Writing Enhancement

Assignment. Using the framework below, write a short report (15-20 sentences) on the form of ownership of your company.

A six-point report writing plan

An opening to briefly introduce your company:

Our company’s name is ___
It was founded by ___
(Name of company) is London/ Minsk/ ___-based
operating in the area of ___ .
Our slogan is ___

Company presentation:

Company name
Names of founders
Type of business
Slogan (if any)


Give an overview of the major forms of ownership

Companies are units of business organisation carrying on some productive activity resulting in the creation of goods and services. They represent a variety of forms of ownership from ___ to ___.



Make a transition to the chosen form of ownership

So what form of ownership have we chosen for our company?


Describe the chosen form of ownership

Our company is a ___

Form of ownership


Describe its main features

The founders of a ___ company signed a ___.
A ___ company is controlled and run by the ...
A ___ company is a company, in which the liability of its owners for debts is limited by ___ / not limited.
The owners participate / do not participate in the day-to-day running of the company.

Main features

  1. How formed
  2. Control of firm
  3. Liability for debts
  4. Relationship between owner and business




To sum up, ___


NOTE: Definition for Business Terms

The Company Profile Report provides an expanded directory display for a business. This report can include sales and sales trend information, business size, expanded SIC and line of business details, key principals, and business URLs.

3.5. Speaking Reinforcement

Launching Your Own Business

Step 1. Use the checklist below to help you draw a provisional business plan and present it in the classroom. You don’t need to include all these points but make sure you cover the basics. Try to anticipate some of the questions you may be asked.


What will be your main business activity?

Who will be your target customers?

Approximately how many people will the company employ and in what capacity?

Where will the company be located? Why?

What kind of property will you require? Offices or factories?

Step 2. Get ready to give your presentation. Try to ‘sell’ the idea in less than ten minutes.