Boost up your speech skills



5.1. Listening Development

Assignment 1. Listen to a careers consultant giving her ‘Top Ten Tips’ on how to be successful at a job interview. Which are the most important tips?
Listen again and put the points she mentions in order.

  • Showing you’ve done research on the company

  • Selling yourself to the company

  • Making a good first impression

  • Talking about your weaknesses

  • Dressing to impress

  • Showing loyalty to your previous employer

  • Projecting the right attitude

  • Talking about your strengths

  • Avoiding sounding self-congratulatory

  • Talking about your career history

5.2. Vocabulary Enrichment

Assignment 1. Give synonyms or synonymous expressions for the following. Consult the dictionary.

payment to advertise boss, head assiduous, conscientious attractive
fair to fulfill, to achieve task tiresome, laborious capability
responsibility seller, buyer qualified, clever to vary to be in charge of
full, whole qualified, clever competence, qualification careers officer bossy
to be out of work job to encourage, to instigate to dismiss to decide, to make a decision, to reach / come to a decision
profitable, valuable hard, arduous, tough, backbreaking wage earner, provider employee experienced, be good at/with sth
dole, welfare (AmE) capability, efficiency to hand in your notice, to give your notice to manage business
boring experience work, career, post position be employed / engaged
to be out of work

1) accomplish, complete, finish - ...

2) action, occupation, exercise - ...

3) make known, publicise - ...

4) pleasing, interesting, charming, enchanting - ...

5) tiring, weary - ...

6) uninteresting, dull, tedious, monotonous, flat - ...

7) domineering, lordly, overbearing - ...

8) 1) occupation, profession, employment; (2) commerce, trade; (3) duty, task - ...

9) able, competent, qualified, skilful - ...

10) profession or occupation, job - ...

11) careers adviser BrE, career counselor AmE - ...

12) ability, skill, capability - ...

13) trader - ...

14) make up one’s mind - ...

15) fire, sack - ...

16) unemployment benefit - ...

17) capable, able to work well, apt, competent - ...

18) effectiveness, competency - ...

19) labourer, worker - ...

20) urge, stimulate, promote - ...

21) knowledge or skill acquired from seeing and doing things - ...

22) just - ...

23) leader, chief, master - ...

24) pay, wages, salary, fee - ...

25) hard-working, diligent - ...

26) to be unemployed - ...

27) work, task, labour, toil - ...

28) to be at work; working - ...

29) unemployed - ...

30) (1) direct, run (2) handle (3) get along (4) succeed in - ...

31) job, post - ...

32) beneficial, gainful - ...

33) leave, quit, vacate, give up - ...

34) duty, obligation, commitment - ...

35) ability - ...

36) experienced, trained, competent - ...

37) complete, entire - ...

38) difficult - ...

39) be different, change - ...

40) breadwinner - ...

41) command, supervise - ...

Assignment 2. Guess the word/phrase:

  1. - a large amount of money given to someone when they leave their job

  2. - a person who applies for sth (esp. for a job)

  3. - a feeling that one is called to (and qualified for) a certain kind of work (or a person has a special ability)

  4. - occupation, esp. one requiring an advanced education and special training

  5. - to give good guidance

  6. - a person who employs others

  7. - a person who is employed

  8. - those who are without jobs

  9. - a list of the most suitable people for a job chosen from all the people who were first considered

  10. - an oral exam of an applicant for employment or a place at university

  11. - working independently for several different companies or organisations rather than being directly employed by one

  12. - training, a diploma, a degree, etc. that qualifies sb to do sth or to be sth

  13. - to make known to people (by printing notices in newspapers, announcements on TV, etc.)

  14. - sth that you get legally from your work in addition to your wages

  15. - capable, organized and able to perform duties well

  16. - something expected, hoped for, looked forward to

  17. - a statement about a person's character or abilities

  18. - someone who is extremely successful in their job or in school

  19. - a job or profession that one follows with the prospect of advancement (promotion)

  20. - middle quality or degree, not extreme

  21. - make a formal request

  22. - formal request

  23. - the general character or feeling of a place

  24. - arouse interest or pleasure in (sb/sth)

  25. - person’s education, knowledge, experience or social circumstances

  26. - giving one’s whole loyalty to a particular aim, job or way of life, devoted to sb or sth

  27. - full trust: belief in one’s own or another’s ability; a feeling of certainty, sense of self-reliance,

  28. - tackle the problem or task

  29. - give work to sb, usually for payment

  30. - a person with special knowledge, skill

  31. - a person who often changes his jobs

  32. - to tell someone officially that they must leave their job in a week, a month, etc.

  33. - having an excellent reputation, highly esteemed or respected

  34. - increase in wages or salary

  35. - belief in one’s own power to do things successfully

  36. - an unfilled position or post; unoccupied accommodation

Assignment 3. Give the opposite of the following. Use negative prefixes:

  • 1) tract (attract)

  • 2) capable

  • 3) committed

  • 4) compatible

  • 5) competent

  • 6) confident

  • 7) fit

  • 8) considerate

  • 9) convenience

  • 10) demanding

  • 11) earned

  • 12) employment

  • 13) courage (encourage)

  • 14) honest

  • 15) experienced

  • 16) fair

  • 17) formal

  • 18) just

  • 19) logical

  • 20) manageable

  • 21) advantage

  • 22) obedient

  • 23) patient

  • 24) qualified

  • 25) reliable

  • 26) responsible

  • 27) rewarding

  • 28) literacy

  • 29) sensitive

  • 30) skillful

  • 31) sympathetic

  • 32) tolerance

  • 33) trust (v.)

  • 34) trust (n.)

  • 35) vulnerable

Assignment 4. Sort out the words of the columns A and B to form compound words.

master seeker to-five hunting confidence
children hand earner reading breaking
hand lighting time time made-man
aholic work ground getter back
craft winner person time date
range collar flier status track
blank tight lighter important

  • 1. Back...

  • 2. Back...

  • 3. Before...

  • 4. Blue-...

  • 5. Bread...

  • 6. Chair...

  • 7. Draw...

  • 8. Flexi...

  • 9. Full-...

  • 10. Go-...

  • 11. Handi...

  • 12. Head...

  • 13. High-...

  • 14. Job ...

  • 15. Job ...

  • 16. Long-...

  • 17. Low ...

  • 18. Moon...

  • 19. Moon...

  • 20. Nine-...

  • 21. Part-...

  • 22. Point-...

  • 23. Proof...

  • 24. Self-...

  • 25. Self-...

  • 26. Self-...

  • 27. School ...

  • 28. Side ...

  • 29. Shift-...

  • 30. Short...

  • 31. Up...

  • 32. Up-to-...

  • 33. Wage ...

  • 34. Work...

Assignment 5. Give the opposite to the following:

  • badly-paid
  • full-time
  • low-status
  • boss
  • work nine-to-five
  • lazy, idle
  • blue-collar
  • within one’s income
  • out of work/ job
  • indoor activity
  • negligent
  • quit
  • get sb on the wrong foot
  • give up
  • set sb off on the right path
  • accept
  • benefit
  • certain, timed, shy
  • employed
  • white-collar
  • to take sth up
  • responsible
  • high-status
  • industrious, hard-working
  • harm
  • employee
  • get sb off on the right foot
  • beyond one’s income
  • well-paid
  • outdoor activity
  • to turn down, to refuse
  • to work flexi time
  • confident
  • to set sb off on the wrong path
  • to apply for
  • part-time

Assignment 6. Complete the sentences below with a preposition, postposition, adverb or conjunction where necessary.

  1. He was accepted the course of typing.

  2. I wish we had better access the Internet.

  3. What standards achievement did the students show?

  4. Nowadays they advertise a lot new goods television.

  5. Our schools aim the development of the child.

  6. I would appreciate if you advised me what our next step should be.

  7. Does teaching appeal you?

  8. You can apply the local careers officer guidance.

  9. Would you fill the application form, please?

  10. Why did you turn his application ?

  1. He was appointed the post some time ago.

  2. He is a real asset our Company.

  3. When are you available the job interview?

  4. She is a great teacher. She has got a bag full of tricks her sleeve.

  5. Is there much money this profession?

  6. If you do this course, it will be your own good.

  7. He has been work for quite a time.

  8. I told him I was my eyes in work and could not go out with him that evening.

  9. He is definitely fond of bossing people .

  10. They placed the small child her care.

  1. Why don’t you take the career of a journalist.

  2. He is hardly capable cheating.

  3. He was placed charge recruitment.

  4. Why did the cinema have to close ?

  5. Don’t walk with you head in the clouds! Be reasonable! Come . Earth!

  6. He is committed his students.

  7. It generally takes some time to become competent your profession.

  8. It is no use complaining the bad conditions of work – everybody knows it.

  9. Your application is still consideration.

  10. He contributes a lot the friendly atmosphere in this group.

  1. I’ll be available any time your convenience.

  2. I hope that he won’t be a great inconvenience to the staff.

  3. He failed to convince the employer his good professional and business qualities

  4. How long did it take you to cope the task?

  5. The child should be taught how to cooperate his peers.

  6. When in trouble, you can always count your true friends.

  7. During the recession businesses had to cut the amount of employees.

  8. Isn’t she cut this career?

  9. What does he do? – He deals cars.

  10. I would hate to deal machines. I definitely prefer people.

  1. It is time to decide that.

  2. I am still undecided as my future career

  3. It took them long to arrive the decision

  4. People with knowledge of foreign languages are demand in business, industry and public relations.

  5. We can’t demand people’s abilities.

  6. I would like to discuss this person.

  7. Why was he dismissed work?

  8. The headmistress regarded it as a major breach discipline.

  9. He is not ambitious. He can even live the dole.

  10. Some kids need encouragement the part of the teacher.

  1. He has been of regular employment for quite a time already.

  2. Some graduates of our University seek employment advertising agencies.

  3. You won’t experience any difficulties finding employment.

  4. You will learn experience.

  5. He is a real expert rock music.

  6. A teacher should be fair his students.

  7. Some women prefer to be flexi-time.

  8. Jonathan does not feel fit any job.

  9. The idea was to make the applicant feel ease.

  10. He raved about following diplomacy a career.

  1. Why follow your father’s footsteps? Try something else.

  2. When the job, don’t let anything distract you.

  3. Jane used to be slow in class, but now she is getting

  4. This salary is not enough to get .

  5. Joseph is frustrated with the results. – What actually gets him ?

  6. Unless you want to get your kids the wrong foot, you should not neglect careers officer’s advice.

  7. To get life one must acquire some good professional skills.

  8. Getting your boss and colleagues is a key to success

  9. Our headmistress did not punish severely those who got OUT hand. She was not much of a disciplinarian.

  10. It is time he gave his attempts.

  1. Isn’t it a great picture? Why don’t you go Art?

  2. I am afraid, you will have to call the head office some other day. The staff went strike.

  3. She is a great conversationalist, especially on the phone. The receiver seems to be grafted her hand.

  4. I went to the career counselor for guidance how to start my job search.

  5. Why did you hand your notice?

  6. The teacher handed the papers she graded.

  7. While hunting a job, stay optimistic.

  8. They will interview you this position on Monday.

  9. Business isn’t good this year and we had to lay some workers.

  10. We learn a teacher more than the subject he teaches.

  1. What line of business is his ?

  2. My parents hope I will make my way the world

  3. People manual occupations seem to suffer less stress.

  4. Currently she is not working – she is maternity leave

  5. I won’t be able to do it such short a notice.

  6. The agency has an opening a position of a sales manager.

  7. You will pick typing as you practice.

  8. The guide took us through the city, pointing interesting sights .

  9. He was appointed the post he wanted.

  10. He was hoping for a good position a company.

  1. He did it profit.

  2. He provided a good reference Carol.

  3. The breadwinner is a person who provides the family.

  4. She promised to pull her socks and do her best.

  5. A perfect boss seldom, if ever, puts scorn his subordinates.

  6. Being receptive new ideas will benefit you a lot.

  7. Eventually you will be recommended a promotion.

  8. He provided a good reference Carol.

  9. In what way does your previous experience relate your present occupation?

  10. Did Bertrand resign his post?

  1. He asked a rise.

  2. He acted his own responsibility.

  3. We expect you to set Jim the right path.

  4. Janet set her heart journalism.

  5. He did not shine his job interview, did he?

  6. Shouting people does not help.

  7. I wish you had more practical skills to fall .

  8. You should really learn how to do a couple of things, that is have some skills your belt.

  9. Our graduates are skilled computers.

  10. A teacher is expected to be skilful the subject he teaches.

  1. He skipped the list of products.

  2. He really stacks . other applicants.

  3. Don’t be embarrassed to stand others.

  4. Have you considered starting your own business?

  5. I take special pride my work.

  6. I wish John took that job.

  7. Regrettably, the proposal was turned .

  8. This work is useful society.

  9. One has to have a vocation medicine to make a good doctor.

  10. He has worked this company since he graduated from the University.

  11. I found it difficult to whittle that list.

  12. He has been work for quite a time.

Assignment 7. Choose the right word. Make sure you know the difference between the words given.

  1. Regrettably, I can't your offer.

  2. Do all the student have to the library?

  3. It is sure to your future.

  4. His dream to become the in this restaurant came true.

  5. He is not likely to launch a .

  6. He is a person.

  7. The victory was won at the of his life.

  8. He became head of our department.

  9. Their goal was to make profit.

  10. He a goal for himself to succeed whatever the cost.

  11. This applicant does against other applicants.

  12. Our are enthusiastic people.

  13. He is looking for a .

  14. I would like to follow my father's .

  15. His weekly not enough to make both ends meet.

  16. Our total family is growing.

Assignment 8. Choose the best alternative to complete the sentence:

  1. Unfortunately he the sack.

  2. Do you get any ?

  3. Are you in charge of ?

  4. Is it a very job?

  5. Make sure he has all the right for the job.

  6. A lawyer is a member of a respected .

  7. Why not think about choosing a before leaving school.

  8. You have to for this job in person.

  9. If you hear of any in the company, I would certainly appreciate knowing about them.

  10. We regret to say that a careful examination of your resume does not indicate your suitability for the position under .

  11. I don't believe the interview would either of us.

  12. You are expected to give the names of two or three .

  13. I wonder if there is any job that you may feel for.

  14. If you’re a(n) you have to do what your boss tells you.

  15. Working you can earn more money.

  16. You will be required to do several months’ .

  17. The purpose of running a business is to make a .

  18. Great news! I’ve just been .

  19. He is looking for new at the moment.

  20. Workers who arrive late will be given three warnings and then .

  21. The job dealing with little kids and their parents.

  22. The job supervisor was in of nearly fifty men.

  23. She was promoted to the of under-secretary.

  24. I’m on the dole now – I was when the company started to lose money.

  25. I am afraid there is very little to work hard.

  26. It’s not very interesting work, but at least it’s a job.

  27. He had a degree .

  28. A career counselor is to provide on how to start a job search.

  29. The reporter took notes in .

  30. The applicants are expected to have strong verbal and written communication .

  31. I am sure Mrs. Hilbig would be a(n) to any company.

  32. It would be necessary to discuss the matter of salary with the manager at a interview.

  33. In your letter you should the three required member recommendations.

Assignment 9. Match the words from the two columns so as to make verbal collocations.

  • to turn in / consider / turn down
  • to make / schedule / cancel
  • to manage / run / direct / handle
  • to follow / take up diplomacy as
  • to put / place sb in
  • to make / take
  • to be skilled / clever with
  • to provide / request
  • to arrive at / come to / make / reach
  • to get / set sb on the wrong
  • to look / hunt/search for
  • to earn / make
  • to accept / to reject
  • to leave / quit / vacate / give up one’s
  • to get / have / hold a good / bad
  • to apply for / appoint to
  • to cope / deal with
  • to be made / become / find oneself
  • to hand in / offer / turn in / send in / give in one's
  • to assume / to accept / to take
  • to develop / improve / refine one’s
  • to free / fill
  • to be suitable / fit for
  • resignation
  • money
  • charge
  • credentials
  • problems
  • a post
  • position
  • an appointment
  • redundant
  • a responsibility
  • computers
  • skills
  • a vacancy
  • work
  • a job
  • a career
  • an application
  • choices
  • foot
  • post
  • business
  • a decision
  • an offer

Assignment 10. Write English equivalents of the following.

1) достичь успеха, добиться прогресса, преуспевать (6)
2) выбрать профессию (3)
3) перспективы, возможности карьеры (3)
4) принять, взять ответственность (2)
5) решить, прийти к решению (6)
6) опытный, искусный, натренированный (3)
7) дать работу, нанять на работу (4)
8) занять место, заполнить вакансию (2)
9) зарплата, оплата, доход (5)
10) справедливый (2)
11) увольнять (5)
12) трудный (3)
13) скучный, неинтересный (7)
14) босс, наниматель (2)
15) способный, компетентный (3)
16) забота, ответственность (3)
17) шеф, руководитель, лидер (4)
18) доверие, вера (3)
19) искать работу (2)
20) работа (задание) (5)

Assignment 11. Translate into English:

1. Просмотри, пожалуйста, страницу объявлений.
2. Поскольку зарплата была низкой, было мало желающих получить эту работу.
3. Обстановка на собрании была деловой.
4. Не будь такой занудой!
5. Ты умеешь обращаться с компьютером?
6. Джеку не хватает уверенности в себе.
7. Увольнения привели к забастовке.
8. Пора тебе самому зарабатывать на жизнь.
9. Тебе не следует поощрять его плохие привычки.
10. Он работает в банке.
11. Он не смог справиться с работой.
12. Хочу купить машину, поэтому придется поработать дополнительно.
13. Я действую из лучших побуждений.
14. Сделка была выгодна нам всем.
15. Михаила Петровича заставили уйти с должности управляющего.
16. Ей повысили зарплату на двадцать долларов в неделю.
17. Общий доход фирмы составил 200 000 долларов.
18. Мнения по этому поводу расходятся.
19. Это физический труд или интеллектуальная работа?
20. Я не работаю сейчас. Я в декретном отпуске.
21. В офисной работе мало разнообразия.
22. Вас привлекает преподавание?
23. Он отверг мое предложение помочь ему искать работу.
24. Сейчас я получаю пособие по безработице.
25. По справедливости говоря, он не будет экспертом по этой проблеме.
26. Мне жаль, что он сделал этот выбор.
27. Какие профессии предполагают использование языков?
28. Когда закроется фабрика, многих рабочих сократят.
29. Он имеет дело с документами.
30. Эта фирма подчинена мне (я возглавляю эту фирму).
31. Не беспокой его, он по уши в работе.
32. Если бы его рекомендовали на повышение год тому назад, он бы согласился тогда.
33. Она пошла по стопам матери.
34. Я не люблю командовать людьми.

5.3. Reading Improvement

Assignment 1. Read a magazine article in which various women are interviewed. For questions 1-14 , chose from the women (A–F). The women may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0).

I don’t remain interested in things for long.0 - F
People I work with give me energy.1 - 2 -
Being forced to do things uses up your energy.3 -
Doing things for the first time gives me energy.4 -
I have to make myself exercise.5 -
I enjoy behaving like a child.6 -
Certain kinds of people annoy me.7 -
It is important to me that others are interested in my work.8 -
You should use your energy carefully.9 -
Sometimes I lack energy at work.10 -
I like creating something from nothing.11 -
Being cheerful gives you energy.12 - 13 -
You should take any opportunity to have fun14 -


Emma Marsden asked six women who live to the full to tell how they do it.

A Jeanne Kupfermann

Journalist and author: ‘I think it’s excitement. I’ve got to be doing something that’s a challenge. If I’m absorbing something new and learning, I get tremendous energy. Anything to do with rhythm gives me energy, too – at the moment I’m learning flamenco dancing. Dance is wonderful, very expressive and energising.
I think you can feel drained if you’re bored, maybe feeling life is pointless. Being effective in the world – even in a small way – gives you energy.’

B Linda Kelsey

Magazine Editor: ‘I have so much work to do but I enjoy it all – I love being at work, it isn’t a chore. If you enjoy something, it doesn’t make you feel low even though you may be feeling tired. I need a fair bit of sleep so when I do get it, I feel really good. When I’m running at six hours’ sleep a night, I feel a bit wet. I know exercise gives me energy, but it’s finding the energy to do it! I do a yoga class once a week before work and I try to do a workout tape at home. But if I’ve done exercise, my spirits rise amazingly. I get very low patches in the office between 3 and 5 in the afternoon and think it’s probably good to eat something then.’

C Annie Nightingale

Disk jockey: ‘I don’t eat healthily to get my energy – I think it’s natural enthusiasm and being positive. I really can’t stand people with negative attitudes. I’m quite naive – I think we should all enjoy our lives, grab the moment. Enjoyment comes first. You’ve got to achieve things and set yourself various goals. I enjoy what I do and the last two years have been very exciting. In my line of business there are lots of lively young people and you can’t help being affected by that. I love tearing around the place on jobs, having a mad life. I’m very sociable. I enjoy taking photographs but I’m not sure if I’m good at it. I rush to get them printed and can’t wait to see them. I also started writing words for imaginary songs – it’s just for fun and it’s a good release for my mind when I’m doing a lot of travelling.’

D Floella Benjamin

Author and childrens’ TV presenter: ‘My energy comes from things I do and enjoy. I believe in what I’m doing, both at work and at home with my family, and I think that being positive about life helps. That’s why I love working with kids, they give out so much and have an inbuilt resilience. Energy is like a natural chemical, triggered off by communicating with others – just try smiling at people and feel the thrill you get when they smile back. It’s far better than feeling sorry for yourself. Although I try to eat healthily and don’t smoke or drink, I don’t have an exercise plan. The most energetic I get is running around with the kids and playing with them.’

E Deborah Moggach

Author and playwright: ‘What I love doing more than anything in the world is making a garden out of complete wasteland. I did that once. The garden was solid concrete – I smashed up all the concrete and dug in loads of soil. It was far better than any amount of workouts or tennis. The other thing that gives me energy is knowing that somebody wants to read what I’m writing – I find it difficult to write in a void. And I like sneaking into a farmer’s land or a wood. If I’m found, I say “What a wonderful wood, I didn’t know it was private property,” and so on. I like it because it’s childlike.’

F Katherine Monblot

Therapist: ‘I believe you must have an interest in and respect for what you do in life. I like to take risks and I get bored quickly, which keeps me motivated. Doing things you don’t want to do wears you out. I used to be a member of various committees and resented the demands they made on my time. You only have a certain amount of energy, so I direct it into the things that are most important to you.’

5.4. Writing Enhancement

Assignment. You have just read the following advertisement.

Hardworking, reliable people needed this summer for our International Working Holiday Camp picking fruit and vegetables

  • Free accommodation
  • Good pay
  • Evening English course

Contact: Jane Fellion, Ripple Farm Organics, Crundale, Nr. Canterbury, England

Write your letter of application to the farm. Say why you are interested in the work and ask for more details about the information given in the advertisement. Do not write any addresses.

5.5. Speaking Reinforcement

Assignment 1. Get ready to act out a conversation with your partner: talk about your interests and your career plans.

Assignment 2. Get ready to act out conversations 1-7 with your partner; and to talk on 8 and 9 for 3-5 minutes.

Conduct a stress interview. Your have to see whether this candidate answers the requirements of a job of a FBI agent. You have found some inconsistencies in her / his resume and suspect there are some points the candidate wants to conceal.

You have applied for a job of a FBI agent and was invited to come to the interview. Sell yourself as the most appropriate candidate. You don’t think that your diploma in cross-cultural communication and one year work for the KGB should be a problem.

You are a Human Resources Manager. You have decided to ask a pretty candidate to have a lunch interview as you want to see how she can handle herself. She has applied for a job of a translator / interpreter. If she does well invite her to a more extensive interview.

You have applied for a job of a translator / interpreter in a big blue-chip company. You are to have a lunch interview and are eager to demonstrate that your knowledge and reasoning power can win others over.

You are a Personnel Manager, and are interested in finding a new PR officer (the previous one is in hospital with an incurable nervous breakdown). Call one of the applicants pretending to check on the resume but make sure you eliminate poorly qualified candidates so that only a few are left for a personal interview.

You have applied for a job of a PR officer as you think you are cut out for this job. You answer a telephone call to find out that the Personnel Manager wants to check on your resume. Make sure to honestly answer the questions and jump at a chance to show yourself in the best light.

You are a member of the committee weeding out the candidates. You are to discuss their CVs and cover letters to put them on the short list. Give your arguments why you think some candidates look like potential assets to the company but some others are not worth wasting time on. Try to come to a consensus but be rather strict about your opinion.

You are a member of the committee weeding out the candidates. You are to discuss their CVs and cover letters to put them on the short list. Give your arguments why you think some candidates look like potential assets to the company but some others are not worth wasting time on. Come to a consensus about who should be shortlisted.

You are to carry out a job interview to see if the applicant for a Sales rep will fit in with the company. Break the ice and build a rapport before asking tough questions like:
‘What have you learned from your past work experiences?’; ‘What is the biggest dilemma you have ever faced?’, ‘Where would you like to be in 5 years time?’; ‘What can you do what no one else can do?’; ‘So sell me this product’

You have been invited to have an interview for the position for a sales rep. You are well prepared to answer even the most difficult questions like:
What are your main strengths and weaknesses?’; ‘Give an example of how you have worked as part of a team’; ‘You haven’t been much of a success so far have you?’; ‘‘What has been your biggest achievement?’; ‘Why should we employ you?’; ‘What salary would you expect?’, etc.

You are to carry out a job interview to see if the applicant for a Sales rep will fit in with the company. Break the ice and build a rapport before asking tough questions like:
When did you realize this would be your career?" "If you had to convince a friend or colleague to apply for this job, what might you tell them?" "Talk about a time when you had to overcome major obstacles.""If you had to convince a friend or colleague to apply for this job, what might you tell them?" Have you seen the company's new ad campaign?"

While having this interview remember to put yourself in the employers’ shoes and think about what lies behind each line of questioning, e.g.
"Why did you get into this line of work?" "Where does this job fit into your career path?" "Say a coworker tells you that he submitted phony expense account receipts. Do you tell your boss?" Where do you think the company should be in ten years?" "What's your opinion of our new product?"

Speak about the structure of your company. Make sure to mention the following points about the company’s background:

  • Type of ownership; лey area of business: main product, current activities, main markets
  • Size, annual turnover, profitability; Location of headquarters, offices, plants, branches, franchises
  • Company’s history in brief
  • Organisational structure
  • CEOs and middle managers
  • Your job description

Look at the cartoon and find one (or two) which best correspond to your company organisational chart. Give your commentaries providing some background information, e.g.

  • Type of ownership and key area of business
  • The size and profitability
  • Location of headquarters, offices, branches, etc.
  • Company’s history in a nutshell
  • Organisational structure
  • CEOs’ and middle managers’ duties
  • Your place in the company