Read the short story For Services Rendered by J. Deaver and do the following tasks.

I. Expand your vocabulary.

1. Insert the missing prepositions. Recall the situations from the story where these word combinations were used. Make up your own examples with the same word combinations.
  1. to be badly need of saving;
  2. to notice a manic edge smb’s voice;
  3. to delve smth;
  4. to shake a quizzical expression one’s face;
  5. to have aspirations smb;
  6. to drop ninety percent;
  7. to do smth a flash;
  8. to shift suspicion from smb;
  9. to put smb custody;
  10. to be finally peace;
  11. to blackmail smb smth;
  12. to run the hills.

2. Make up word combinations as they were used in the story.
  • slick
  • expert-witness
  • classic
  • bedraggled
  • nut
  • fishy
  • midlife
  • emotional
  • offhand
  • psychotic
  • crisis
  • hair
  • comment
  • lawyer
  • case
  • weather
  • facts
  • behaviour
  • hallucinations
  • fee

3. Insert the words from the box into the sentences below.
pampered shrink excruciating redeem timid compulsive delusional sanity confront head-on
  1. Love is such a priceless treasure that you can the whole world by it.
  2. To preserve her own , she must learn to relax.
  3. Some experts are so out of touch with reality, they’re borderline .
  4. She was so that she couldn’t make it on her own without the help of her father.
  5. He was the most and introverted boy you can imagine.
  6. Probably there was no good way and the best thing to do was to go at it .
  7. I'm not crazy! She is the one who needs to see a .
  8. We must the danger with open eyes, and unbending purpose.
  9. It can vary from mild discomfort to agony.
  10. My father has been a gambler for my whole life.
4. The following phrases were used in the text to describe Patsy’s vocal behaviour during the sessions with her psychiatrist. What emotional states do they convey? Find some other word combinations that describe the character’s voice and tone. Write your own examples of the phrases they could introduce.

Her voice grew harsh.
Her voice cracked.
She laughed, her voice nearly a cackle.
She’d slipped into her raw, irrational voice again.
She sounded timid.
She snapped.

5. The following words and phrases can be used to describe one’s state of insanity. Find other words of the kind in the text and make up your own examples using them.

to drive smb crazy
compulsive behaviour
to question one’s sanity
to be nuts
severe mental cases
to be on the brink
psychotic behavior
a delusional mind

II. Check your understanding of the story.

1. Choose the answer as appropriate.
1. Harry realized right away that Patsy was faking her insanity.

2. Patsy’s husband was actually trying to drive her crazy by smashing the ceramic birds and pretending to be her father.

3. Patsy couldn’t divorce her husband because she didn’t have any evidence of his adultery.

4. After Patsy’s case got publicity Harry acquired many new clients.

5. Harry disliked his job as a Manhattan shrink because he thought that his client’s troubles were greatly exaggerated.

6. Harry envisaged that Patsy could actually kill her husband but still didn’t stop her.

7. Harry was badly in need of money because he was used to living beyond his means.

8. Harry hired a private detective to find out whether patsy had a lover.

2. Write out the clues that helped Harry realise Patsy was only pretending to be insane. When did you understand that?
3. In what situations did the characters of the story use the following words? In what situation would you use them?

I mean he’s making me question my sanity.
I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.
We’ll get everything worked out.
You have to kill or cure.
I have to fix something.
I see our time is up.

4. Is it fair to say that the consequence of Harry’s behaviour justified the means he used? Explain your point.
5. Make up a continuation of the story. What will happen to Patsy and Harry? Share your version.
6. These days many rich people visit psychiatrists only because it is trendy. What problems do they come to their therapist with? Do they actually need to be treated? Give your reasons.
7. Role play. You are Harry giving his expert-witness testimony in one of the two situations: a) Patsy has paid the $10 million bill; b) Patsy has refused to pay.
8. Role play a dialog between Harry and his own psychiatrist where Harry complains about his unhappy family life, financial problems, the work he doesn’t like and the clients he despises.

III. Follow up activities.

1. Write a humorous article under the title A Short Guide to Making People Believe You Are Insane. Provide the readers with tips and tricks that will help them pass for a lunatic.
2. You are a psychiatrist delivering a speech at a conference. Speak about the attraction that sometimes appears between patients and their therapists (transference and countertransference) and the ways to handle it.