Exercise 1. Categorize the following words into those that describe positive or negative features of a person. Use them to make sentences of your own.
Positive Negative
  • observant
  • supercilious
  • niggardly
  • buoyant
  • imprudent
  • voracious
  • insolent
  • chivalrous
  • high-powered
  • boisterous

Exercise 2. Complete the words.
  1. responsive
  2. high-
  3. out
  4. over
  5. man
  6. ship
  7. cut-
  8. -notch
  9. un
  10. lecture-

Exercise 3. Match two parts of a word.
  • over
  • dis
  • super
  • wind
  • wist
  • re
  • loop
  • under
  • in
  • sub
  • graduate
  • trieve
  • fall
  • ful
  • surmountable
  • due
  • cilious
  • bearing
  • hole
  • card

Exercise 4. Make up word combinations.
  • study
  • eventual
  • juvenile
  • visual
  • excessive
  • shattering
  • chivalrous
  • insurmountable
  • grand
  • interior
  • aids
  • delinquency
  • appetite
  • skills
  • total
  • decorations
  • problem
  • behaviour
  • divident
  • news

Exercise 5. Unscramble the words below.
  1. mfiloeild -
  2. aiibarnvtebg -
  3. etuivnelaty -
  4. lneenit -
  5. mirsntsocue -
  6. iadoateinl -
  7. trteeahn -
  8. setlrtad -
  9. dfsudainil -
  10. mnsnlotooouy -

Exercise 6. Unscramble the highlighted words in the following sentences.
  1. I was sucked into a evxrot - of despair.
  2. Liam surprised his urott - by twice failing a second year exam.
  3. I stood and gazed at him, tcsi-wnaeerk - that anyone could be so beautiful.
  4. The government nuencdoed - them as terrorists.
  5. The museum was gawminsr - with school children, it was spring break after all.
  6. Mike’s idea was swiftly sridcdade - due to the lack of time and money.
  7. I would satimete - the size of the garden at 1.000 square metres.
  8. For the ancient Mexicans, life and death were iblarnsepea - , two halves of the same whole.
  9. After a short trhuiopsc - , she accepted his marriage proposal.
  10. The president discarded the rumors saying it was just a eilvtrnu - attack of the opposition.

Exercise 7. Match the words with their definitions.
  • becon
  • windfall
  • stutter
  • tangible
  • ingrained
  • subsidiary
  • conceivable
  • niggardly
  • ensue
  • rap
  • capable of being imagined or grasped mentally
  • a piece of unexpected good fortune
  • less important than but related or supplementary to
  • not generous; stingy
  • to make a sharp loud sound, esp by knocking
  • to summon with a gesture of the hand or head
  • to follow or occur as a consequence; result
  • talk with continued involuntary repetition of sounds, especially initial consonants
  • deeply impressed or instilled
  • capable of being touched or felt; having real substance

  • to cower
  • ludicrous
  • to contrive
  • insolent
  • feeble
  • fizz
  • flair
  • hunch
  • to grudge
  • to curtail
  • natural ability; talent; aptitude
  • to cut short; abridge
  • a hissing or bubbling sound; the bubbly quality of a drink; any effervescent drink
  • an intuitive guess or feeling
  • absurd or incongruous to the point of provoking ridicule or laughter
  • to crouch or cringe, as in fear
  • to give or allow unwillingly; to feel resentful or envious about (someone else's success, possessions, etc)
  • to think up or adapt ingeniously or elaborately
  • lacking in physical or mental strength; frail; weak
  • offensive, impudent, or disrespectful

Exercise 8. Do the crossword.
Across 1: an incorrect or misleading notion/opinion based on inaccurate facts or invalid reasoning;
Down 2: a person who does not have specialized or professional knowledge of a subject;
Across 2: an ambiguity, omission, etc, as in a law, by which one can avoid a penalty;
Down 3: calmness, esp of the mind; tranquillity; serenity;
Across 4: a teacher, us. instructing individual pupils and often engaged privately;
Across 5: a possible event, occurrence, or result; contingency;
Down 6: a whirling mass or rotary motion in a liquid, gas, flame, etc, such as the spiralling movement of water around a whirlpool;
Across 7: a dirty mark or smudge;
Across 8: a withdrawal of money in excess of the credit balance on a bank account;
Across 9: a small quantity of liquid falling in drops or flowing in a thin stream;
Down 10: fervent or enthusiastic devotion, often extreme or fanatical in nature, as to a religious movement, political cause, ideal, or aspiration;
Down 11: a coward;
Across 12: a person or thing that acts as an advocate (of an idea, cause, etc);
Down 13: the state of being first in rank, grade, etc;
Across 14: something designed to attract extra attention, interest, or publicity;
Across 15: the act, period, or art of seeking; the love of someone with intent to marry;

Exercise 10. Match the word combinations below with their definitions. Use them in the sentences of your own.
  • to break oneself of smth
  • to hatch smth out
  • to leap at the opportunity
  • to get one’s bearings
  • to wheedle smth out of smb
  • to haul up
  • to bear a grudge
  • to brazen out
  • to gloat over smth
  • to crop up
  • to face boldly or shamelessly
  • to continue feeling an old resentment for someone
  • to rejoice smugly over something
  • to come to a halt
  • to obtain from smb by insincere pleasant persuading
  • to occur or appear, esp unexpectedly
  • to get out of the habit
  • to look round, see how the land lies
  • to plan smth, especially in secret
  • to accept an opportunity eagerly

Exercise 11. Choose the right word.
  1. The dogs pursued their into an empty warehouse.
  2. He looked in that suit!
  3. These salesmen are a lot.
  4. It has been a particularly year for the education department.
  5. Such prejudices cannot be corrected easily.
  6. After the fraud scandal he had to make great efforts to his reputation.
  7. Stop and choose which one you want!
  8. His encouraged him to read widely in philosophy.
  9. The evening was a affair with glorious food and an endless supply of champagne.
  10. Rescuers were engaged in a all-night effort to reach the survivors before their supply of air ran out.

Exercise 12. Match the pairs of synonyms.
  • discreet
  • haul
  • jostle
  • note
  • marshal
  • allied
  • fallacy
  • coy
  • tatty
  • haggard
  • exhausted
  • worn-out
  • bump into
  • record
  • cautious
  • united
  • assemble
  • misconception
  • timid
  • pull

Exercise 13. Match the pairs of antonyms.
  • craven
  • boisterous
  • imprudent
  • arbitrary
  • observant
  • inferior
  • successive
  • frantic
  • sheer
  • inevitable
  • superior
  • previous
  • reasoned
  • absent-minded
  • brave
  • calm
  • avertable
  • gradual
  • sensible
  • restrained

Exercise 14. Put the words from the box in the appropriate forms to substitute the highlighted ones.
mollify denounce relish twinge gimmick abashed lenient surreptitious skimp on elated
  1. I was delighted - that my plan turned out to be successful.
  2. Changing the name and not the product is just a sales trick - .
  3. For a moment Arnold felt a pang - of sympathy for Mr. Wilson.
  4. Some 25.000 demonstrators condemned - him as a traitor.
  5. Don’t save on - insurance when you travel overseas.
  6. Judges were far too merciful - with petty criminals.
  7. He seemed both embarrassed - and secretly delighted at Dan’s gift.
  8. They tried to calm down - the protesters.
  9. They had several secret - conversations.
  10. He ate quietly, enjoying - his meal.

Exercise 15. Insert the right word from the box into the sentences below. If necessary change the form of the word.
surge to marshal grave to bellow to immerse to leap scribbling to skimp on to savour sheer to swarm
  1. Dumbledore and Professor McGonnagall in conversation, both looking very .
  2. Hermione pulled the newspaper back and glared for a moment at the pictures of the 10 escaped Death Eaters on the front, then to her feet.
  3. Umbridge was sitting behind her desk: busily on some of her pink parchment, but she looked up and smiled widely at their entrance.
  4. With a of guilt he realized that he had not practiced occlumency once since their last lesson.
  5. – You will not tell anybody what you saw! – Snape .
  6. Without Ron and Hermione he could not seem to his ideas.
  7. – Potter, it was madness, madness, for you to enter this castle!
  8. – We have got Dementors all over the place, attacking people left right and centre!
  9. – I am trying to say Voldermort knows you, Harry! He took Ginny down into the Chamber of Secrets to you there!
  10. – I am just glad we won! – Yeah, – said Ron, slowly the words “We won”.

Exercise 16. Insert the active word that corresponds to the Russian variant. Pay attention to the form of the word.
  1. People to make mistakes.
  2. I that this matter is settled.
  3. It that he was under the CIA surveillance.
  4. A form of the disease appeared in Belgium.
  5. Don’t you think it’s a little unkind over your competitor’s failure?
  6. Most birds have to sit on their eggs, keeping them warm, for a certain length of time in order out their young.
  7. I can spend hours just through books in the library.
  8. Senior government officials admit they have not been able the rebels.
  9. In some circumstances, it is important to keep a straight face and to remain .
  10. They at the opportunity to combine fun with fund-raising.
  11. The film industry always has been a glamorous for young girls.
  12. If we can get some strong ropes or wires around the sunken boat, we might be able her up.
  13. American reviewers are in their praise of this book.
  14. The book seems well suited to the interested .

  1. Two families were by marriage.
  2. His behavior impressed the whole office.
  3. They a new model.
  4. It's a to assume that he can help us.
  5. His answers both wisdom and integrity.
  6. There’s been a slight in our plans.
  7. Their whole scheme of interpretation is purely .
  8. When marriage breaks down children are swept into the of their parents’ embittered emotions.
  9. He’d been drinking the night before and was looking a bit .
  10. He must have had some of what was happening.
  11. The team remain , despite three defeats in a row.
  12. The boys around trying to get the attention of a group of girls who were nearby.
  13. In the days of their youth, they thought anything was possible.
  14. It was difficult to how many trees had been destroyed.

Exercise 17. Insert the word that can be used appropriately in all the three sentences.
  1. a) Like most athletes, she was and muscular.

    b) It is a good meat, very … and tender.

    c) The … years after the war were a true challenge for many people.

  2. a) How about a bottle of cherry ?

    b) The champagne lost its….

    c) A Brazilian public relations firm has brought some … into his campaign.

  3. a) Specialists see various reasons for the recent in inflation.

    b) In the year 1091, London Bridge was destroyed by a tidal … during a storm.

    c) He was overcome by a sudden … of jealousy.

  4. a) There has been a of 75 percent in two years.

    b) Smith took Britain’s fifth medal of the championships with a … of 2.37 metres.

    c) A … year consists of 366 days, as opposed to a common year, which has 365.

  5. a) After some technical the show finally got under way.

    b) He gave the rope a … and the knot came loose.

    c) I got a … all the way to London.

  6. a) They used to visit her twice a year.

    b) I have … doubts that the documents tell the whole story.

    c) William was sitting in his room upstairs for two hours and when he came down he looked … .

  7. a) Their attempts to be casual have so far just looked or patronising.

    b) There was an … in the sky displaying the colors of the spectrum.

    c) Both of them looked at him with that curious, slightly amused and even … expression.

  8. a) The abandoned is the favorite place of local photographers.

    b) The security police crossed the border in pursuit of their ….

    c) Pavers and … tile are designed especially for heavy-duty floor use.

  9. a) chance quite often plays an important part in sparking off an idea.

    b) The ridge fell …, in steep crags.

    c) The … fabric of the dress looked almost luminescent in the moonlight.

  10. a) He felt very and tired.

    b) The … days of our youth are gone.

    c) The smell of her perfume was … and intoxicating.

Exercise 18. Insert the words from your active vocabulary. Pay attention to the form of the word.
  1. The bright sunlight hurt my eyes and made me (s… ).
  2. The prisoner was (b… ) to death by his cellmates.
  3. We have been living together for five years, and we’re still (d… ) over whether to marry.
  4. The ice-cream (s… ) of almonds.
  5. There is no doubt it was an accident and I bear no (g… ).
  6. Mr Annan said the region must now (s… ) for economic development as well as peace.
  7. My boss sent me to (r… ) his suit from the dry-cleaners.
  8. The explosion sent pieces of glass and metal (h… ) through the air.
  9. We spent the evening (r… ) at our victory.
  10. He (s… ) sun cream over his face and neck.

Exercise 19. Insert the missing prepositions.
  1. I hate lining in the cold to go to a cinema.
  2. The boy can hit the teacher to perfection.
  3. The number of Ministers has been pared by a third.
  4. Both the American company and ourselves are going our way to reach the agreement.
  5. “Take care, Boozy. He hasn't finished with you yet. He always has a trick his sleeve.”
  6. She wheedled some money her father.
  7. Schooling in inner-city areas was inferior that in the rest of the country.
  8. After grandmother's death, the furniture was put sale.
  9. The whole family are rejoicing their unexpected good fortune.
  10. The children cowered terror as the shoot-out erupted.

  1. She’s still dithering whether to accept the job she’s just been offered.
  2. I had a few minutes to flip the pages of her new book.
  3. Where on earth have you been? We’ve been frantic worry.
  4. The critics were lavish their praise for the paintings.
  5. A good car comes high my list of priorities.
  6. The belief that you should own your house is deeply ingrained our society.
  7. In her writing she strove a balance between innovation and familiar prose forms.
  8. Since the fall of the government, the two opposition parties have been jostling position.
  9. What we are seeing now is a country teetering the brink of civil war.
  10. He’s the sort of man who would let down the tyres on your car just spite.

Exercise 20. Complete the sentences with word-phrases from the box. Pay attention to the form of the verb.
to get one’s bearings to have smth up one’s sleeve to break oneself of smth to come high on the list to develop a good rapport to go out of one’s way to mull over to turn smb round one’s little finger to wheedle smth out of smb to recover one’s composure
  1. Finally after two years of trying he managed to the habit of smoking.
  2. Jack to make us feel welcome.
  3. It’s almost impossible to Jane, she is as secretive as the CIA agent.
  4. Ronald’s wife easily , she possesses and ingrained ability to manipulate people.
  5. The road system was so complicated that we had to stop to several times.
  6. It’s crucially important to with your colleagues once you start working in a new company.
  7. For those who work under highly stressful circumstances it is necessary to be able to quickly.
  8. It’s important to the issue under consideration before making a final decision.
  9. Unemployment of issues that should be tackled by the government.
  10. They were worried he might another nasty surprise .
Exercise 21. Use the following active words in one sentence.
  1. Scribbling, frantic, to note.
  2. Loophole, to envisage, top-notch.
  3. Eccentric, exponent, to misconstrue.
  4. Lecture-list, to curtail, elated.
  5. Gimmick, canny, to outperform.
  6. Zeal, excessive, to denounce.
  7. Surreptitious, to rejoice, fizz.
  8. Courtship, mesmerized, to relish.
  9. Sham, appalling, to transpire.
  10. Composure, shattering, to batter.