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Make sure you know how to pronounce and translate the words and expressions on subtopics: Health Problems, Office Solutions, Bad Habits Die Hard, Maladies of the XXI Century . Practice using them in meaningful contexts.

abuse, v / n

drug / alcohol abuse

abusive, adj

syn. insulting

addict, n

a drug / addict

addicted, adj

to be addicted to sth

addiction, n

an addiction to sth

adjust, v

adjustable, adj

ache, v / n


allergy, n

allergic, adj

to be allergic to sth

appoint, v

appointment, n

to have / fix / make an appointment with sb

to keep / break / ask for appointment

by appointment

appointment diary / calendar

breath, n

to hold one’s breath, to take one’s breath, to be out of breath, to be short of breath

breathe, v

to breathe in / out

breathless, adj

breathtaking, adj

case, n

just in case

check-up, n

to go for / have a check-up

cold, n

complain, v

to complain of a pain

complaint, n

complication, n

to develop ~

to avoid / cause ~

complications may set in

compression, n

nerve / muscle / tendon compression

condition, n

to be in good / poor / no / out of condition

working conditions – syn. working surroundings, working environment

under / in such conditions

conscious, adj

ant. unconscious

consciousness, n

to lose consciousness – syn. to faint, to pass out

to recover / regain consciousness – syn. to come round

consult, v

to consult sb about sth

cough, v / n

to have a bad / heavy / dry / persistent cough

cure, v / n

to cure sb of sth

a cure for sth

curable, adj

ant. incurable

damage, v / n

deficient, adj

to be deficient in sth

deficiency, n

deficiency in / of sth

diagnose, v

diagnosis, n

to make a diagnosis

die, v

syn. pass away

death, n

to cause death

dizzy, adj

to be / feel dizzy be giddy

disease, n

acute / common / incurable / serious / rare / chronic / infectious disease

to catch / pick up a disease

to go / come down with a disease

to cure / prevent a disease

to recover from / get over a disease

doctor, n

syn.medical man, practitioner, GP

drug, n

to take / use / be on drugs

drug addiction

ergonomics, n

ergonomics requirements

examine, v

to examine sb for sth

to have sth examined

faint, v / n / adj

syn. to pass out

feel, v

fever, n

to feel a high / slight / constant fever

fit, adj


to keep fit

to be fit for / to sth

habit, n

bad habits

eating / drinking / sleeping habits

to be in / fall into / get into the habit of doing sth

to cure sb of the habit of doing sth

to get out of / break the habit

habitual, adj

syn. regular, usual

harm, v / n

syn.damage, injury

to do / cause harm to sb / sth

harmful, adj

ant. harmless

hazard, n

occupational hazard

hazardous, adj

hazardous to sb / sth

heal, v

hurt, v / n

it hurts me to do sth

Where does it hurt?

to hurt one’s feelings

illness, n

syn.disease, sickness, ailment, malady

infection, n

infectious, adj

syn. contagious, catching

inflammation, n

injection, n

an injection against sth

to give an injection

injure, v hurt, harm

to injurebadly / seriously / severely / slightly

to injure one’s health by smoking, drinking, etc.

injury, n

layout, v / n

cellular open-plan layout

malinger, v feign a sickness

malingerer, n

medicine, n

medicine chest, n

medical, adj

medical service

medicinal, adj

to be used for medicinal purposes

numbness, n

numbness in arms / hands

ointment, n

to rub ~ on / in(to)

operate, v

to operate on sb for sth

operation, n

to undergo / have / perform an operation for sth

pain, n

an acute / constant / severe / sharp / dull / steady / sudden pain

to be in pain

to ease / soothe / relieve / kill a pain

painful, adj

ant. painless

painkiller, n

patient, n

pill, n


to take pills

side-effects of the pill

prescribe, v

to prescribe for sth

prescription, n

to write out / fill / make up a prescription

prevent, v

prevention, n

preventable, adj

recover, v

syn. to get over

recovery, n

to make a quick / speedy / slow / good recovery

to be on the road / way to recovery – syn. to be on the mend

reduce, v cut down on sth

remedy, n

a remedy for sth

shiver, v tremble, shudder

to shiver with sth

to feel shivery

sick, adj


to feel sick – syn. to vomit

to be air-/ sea-/ motion-/ travel-/ carsick

to be on sick leave

to be off sick

sneeze, v / n

sore, adj

syn. painful, aching

sound, v

to have one’s chest / lungs sounded

stiff, adj

stiffen, v

strain, v / n

stress, n

to be under stress

stressful, adj

swell, v

syndrome, n

temperature, n

to get / have / run a temperature

to take sb’s temperature

to bring down / reduce the temperature

test, v / n

treat, v

to treat sb for sth with sth

treatment, n

a treatment for sth

to have / undergo a course of treatment

vital, adj

vitally, adv

workstation, n

X-ray, v / n

to have one’s chest X-rayed


  • to come / go down with sth
  • to get over
  • to pick up
  • to get through
  • to cut down on
  • to cut out
  • to put on
  • to take up
  • to pass out
  • to come round


  • to be as fit as a fiddle
  • to feel low
  • to take it easy
  • to feel off colour
  • to feel out of sorts
  • to feel under the weather
  • to be / feel worn out
  • to be / feel run down
  • His / her life is hanging by a thread
  • to burn the candle at both ends
  • to be out of danger / to be off the danger list
  • to be on the mend
  • to be as right as rain
  • to be as good as new