Studying British History and Culture with Video is designed for students of English who specialize in British Studies and are interested in cultural and historical aspects of life in the UK. It aims at developing their skills in understanding and analysing authentic English video and improving their professional communication in the sphere of Country Studies.

The publication aims at optimizing the students’ independent work and can be used as additional material to the courses “Language and Culture of the UK” and “Sociocultural aspects of Communication” studied by third-year students at the School of English, Minsk State Linguistic University. It can also be used by advanced students of English majoring in Culture and Social Studies.

The material consists of twelve British English videos that encompass such topics as history, monarchy, multiculturalism, continuity, and traditions. It is arranged in units, which are divided into three sections each: Pre-viewing, Viewing and Follow-up. Section one encourages students to refresh their memory on the topic and focuses on the vocabulary. Section two helps to check the understanding of the gist and the details after one or two viewings. Section three provides guided texts and tasks that are supposed to uncover different aspects of the topic and motivate students, if necessary, to prepare in-class presentations for their peers.

The publication is supplied with the key which will help the students to assess their success in studying the material.