Chapter 7

1) to warn – предупреждать
2) to lock – запирать
3) to hurt – ранить, причинять боль
4) to kill – убивать
5) sailor - матрос
6) to keep – хранить

1) Sybil Vane
2) Prince Charming
3) James

Geographical names:

Before you listen
Discuss the following.
A. Is it dangerous to fall in love? Why?
Use the words: feelings, impossible, destructive (губительный, разрушительный), passion (страсть).

B. Do you know any proverbs about love?

General listening
Listen to Chapter 7 and answer the questions.
1. Who are the characters of the episode?
2. What happened to Sybil?
3. What is she by profession?
4. Where is her brother going to leave?
5. Why is her mother worried?

Detailed listening
A. Choose the right variant to complete the sentences. Use the following words: keep, prison, call, warn, angry, kill.
call warn prison angry keep ???
1. I him Prince Charming.
2. She looked at her daughter’s lovely face and tried to her of the dangers of love.
3. She was locked in her of love.
4. "Oh, James, don’t be with me today", cried Sybil.
5. "My life as a sailor will me away from England for many years", he said.
6. "If that man hurts my sister, I will find him and him like a dog", said James.


"Mother, Mother, I’m so happy," cried the girl, "and you must be happy too."
Mrs. Vane put her thin white hands on her daughter’s head. "I’m only happy when I see you in the theatre," she said. "And we are poor. We need the money – don’t forget that. What do we know about this young man? You don’t know his real name, or anything about him."
"No, but I call him Prince Charming. He’s everything to me. I love him and he loves me. Oh, Mother, let me be happy!"
"You’re too young to think of love," said her mother. She looked at her daughter’s lovely face and tried to warn her of the dangers of love, but the girl did not listen. She was locked in her prison of love.
At that moment the girl’s brother entered the room. He was a heavy, dark young man, not at all like his sister.
"I’ve heard about a gentleman who visits you every night at the theatre," he said to his sister. "Who is he? What does he want?"
"Oh, James, don’t be angry with me today," cried Sybil. "You are leaving for Australia tomorrow, and today is your last day. Come for a walk with me in the park. I’ll go and get ready." She danced out of the room, and her mother and brother could hear her singing as she ran upstairs.
James Vane turned to his mother. "My new life as a sailor will keep me away from England for many years," he said. "But I don’t like to leave Sybil alone."
"Sybil has me, her mother, you know," said Mrs. Vane quietly.
"Then take care of her." James gave his mother a long, hard look. "If that man hurts my sister, I’ll find him and kill him like a dog."

Follow up
A. Focus on grammar.
Find the mistakes and correct them.

B. Retell the chapter in short using 6 – 7 sentences. Write them down.
C. Discuss the following
1. What is love: is it a trick of nature or the greatest feeling of a man’s soul. Can love be dangerous?