Chapter 1

New  Words:
1) scent  –  запах
2) beyond  – свыше, сверх чего-либо (зд. кроме)
3) soft  – негромкий, мягкий
4) laugh – смеяться
5) exhibit – экспонировать
6) trouble  –  беда
7) exciting  –  восхитительный, волнующий, захватывающий
8) crazy  –  сумасшедший
9) pretend  –  притворяться, делать вид
10) probably  – вероятно

1) Lord Henry Wotton
2) Basil Hallward
3) Dorian Gray

Before you listen
Answer the questions.
1. What can you say about the profession of an artist?
2. Can you draw or paint?
3. Are there artists among your relatives or friends?

General listening
Listen to Chapter 1.
Choose the right alternative to complete the statements.

1. Beyond the soft sound of the garden Lord Henry could hear:
the noise of London
his friend’s voice
the noise of traffic

2. Lord Henry said:
it’s one of your best works
it’s your best work
it’s your worst work

3. Basil said he could not exhibit his picture in an art gallery because:
he had put too much of himself into it
it was too expensive
it was dangerous

4. Basil didn’t want to tell Henry the name of the man in the painting because:
he didn’t know his name
he loved secrets
he was a very reserved man

Detailed listening
Listen again and focus on grammar.
Fill in the gaps with the prepositions where necessary.
into  -  at to in of in about of
1. You must send it the best art gallery in London.
2. I know, you’ll laugh me.
3. I didn’t want to tell you.
4. I’ve put too much of myself it.
5. front it stood the artist himself, Basil Hallward.
6. the center of the room there was a portrait of a very beautiful young man.
7. It is bad when people talk you.
8. Beyond the soft sounds of the garden he could just hear the noise London.


The Artist
Through the open windows of the room came the rich scent of summer flowers. Lord Henry Wotton lay back in his chair and smoked his cigarette. Beyond the soft sounds of the garden he could just hear the noise of London.
In the centre of the room there was a portrait of a very beautiful young man, and in front of it stood the artist himself, Basil Hallward.
"It’s your best work, Basil, the best portrait that you’ve ever painted", said Lord Henry lazily. "You must send it to the best art gallery in London."
"No," Basil said slowly. "No, I won’t send it anywhere."
Lord Henry was surprised. "But my dear Basil, why not?" he asked. "What strange people you artists are! You want to be famous, but then you are not happy when you are famous. It’s bad when people talk about you- but it’s much worse when they don’t talk about you."
"I know you’ll laugh at me," replied Basil, " but I can’t exhibit the picture in an art gallery. I’ve put too much of myself into it."
Lord Henry laughed. "Too much of yourself into it! You don’t look like him at all. He has a fair and beautiful face. And you- well, you look intelligent, of course, but with your strong face and black hair you are no beautiful."
"You don’t understand me, Harry," replied Basil (Lord Henry’s friends always called him Harry). "Of course I’m not like him," Basil continued. "In fact, I prefer not to be beautiful. Dorian Gray’s beautiful face will perhaps bring him danger and trouble."
"Dorian Gray? Is that his name? ", asked Lord Henry.
"Yes. But I didn’t want to tell you."
"Why not?"
"Oh, I can’t explain," said Basil. "When I like people a lot, I never tell their names to my other friends. I love secrets, that’s all."
"Of course," agreed his friend. "Life is much more exciting when you have secrets. For example, I never know where my wife is, and my wife never knows what I’m doing. When we meet- and we do meet sometimes- we tell each other crazy stories, and we pretend that they are true."
"You pretend all the time, Harry," said Basil. "I think that you are probably a very good husband, but you like to hide your true feelings."
"Oh, don’t be so serious, Basil," smiled Lord Henry. "Let’s go into the garden."

Follow up
A. Focus on grammar
Translate the fragments from Russian into English.
1. It’s (лучший)portrait that you have ever painted.
2. It’s (гораздо лучше)when people don’t talk about you.
3. You must send it to (самую хорошую)gallery in London.
4. I’ve put (слишком много)of myself into it.
5. Don’t be a (очень хорошим)husband.
6. He looks (гораздо старше).
7. This face is (гораздо красивее).
8. Life is (гораздо более волнительная)when you have secrets.
1. Describe the following characters. Write down 3 – 4 sentences about each of them.
1. Basil Hallward
2. Henry Wotton
3. Dorian Gray

2. Do you agree that a beautiful face may bring the person danger and trouble?